I am the stupidest in all the land, and I have the e-mail to prove it

Let me share with you this enlightening toy:

Yet another f—ing I.Q. Test

You have to have a dummy e-mail account set up, so you can get the results. Don’t give them a real one, or “Edg Duveyoung” is going to pester you incessantly about getting your “full” profile.

Here’s the beauty of the thing. It’s a true/false test, and it appears to be brutally honest. I tried hard to give the wrong answer in every instance, and scored a refreshingly vapid 38.

This has got a lot of potential. The questions don’t appear to change. So…

What’s the lowest score someone can get?

There are 36 questions. What happens when you answer all true or all false?

Any skiiers out there?

Time is a factor as well. You’re on the honor system to record it.

A couple of dozen people nailing this thing with the intention of zeroing it out should reveal the answer key and possibly the mathematical model the program is using to come “within five points of your actual score,” according to my e-mail. This could be interesting the next time an I.Q. thread comes up in another forum.

But remember, I’m still the dullest knife in the drawer, bar the bar. You can only aspire to my idiocy.

Well I can’t seem to get lower than 31. I had to increase my time to 150 minutes (a lower number would work I’m sure), to get the score down from 38. I answered them all wrong as best as I could tell. Some of them might be simpler than I thought. I went through it once for real the first time, and I realized I read a few questions too quick and got them wrong when I was trying. Regardless, I was able to score 156 by completing the test in 9 minutes. Supposedly I’m a genius, but I don’t really feel like one, nor do I think this test is a good indicator of intelligence. It may however be a good indicator of IQ.

I entered a bunch of 9s as my time, but I must have gotten one or two right (probably the ones that require real spatial ability to figure out … which I don’t have). I got a 40.

I feel like such a failure.