I am torturing a woodpecker

After seeing a ton of woodpeckers hanging out in the trees outside my office window, I dug out my woodpecker feeder, put a block of Peanut Butter Suet in it, and hung it on my open window using a wreath hanger. I’m going to eventually put up a hook to hang it on, but I don’t have it yet, so the wreath hanger is it.

So basically, I have one o’ those windows that crank open like a door (as opposed to double hung windows that open up and down) and a woodpecker feeder attached to the inside of it. Problem is, the window is glass. Woody can see the feeder from the other side of the window, and is furiously throwing himself at the glass pane trying to get to the suet.

He sits on the tree, looking longingly at the oh-so-yummy PB Suet. He flies to it, only to bang up against the glass (lightly, with his belly, he’s not hurting himself or banging his head on the glass). Being unsuccessful at landing on the feeder, he flies back to tree, and ponders the suet. He tries again. This goes on… and on… and on…

OH! Just as I’m writing this, he figured out to go to the other side. Yum Yum suet! Lookit that, Woody’s smarter than I thought!

Hmmm… feeder appears to be working. Woody the Hairy Woodpecker just flew away, only to be replaced by Woodella the Downy Woodpecker.

PB suet sure is good!

You were having difficulties getting peanut butter to your hairy pecker in your office window.

But now the problem is rectified.

Um…so what exactly do you do for a livimg?