I am willing to pay for these free cds

Hi guys,

I am paying $1 for AOL, compuserve, or any other those free Internet Service Provider cds. I am collecting these stuff and need to get some more to complete my collection. Please check my site at
link deleted

If you love art you like these cds.
People told me I am crazy. Yes I am


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I haven’t really been on the board in awhile, school and all. Is spam the latest thing?

For some strange reason, to me, sell Spam is much more palatable than buy Spam on a message board. In my mailbox, they are equally distasteful.

I agree though, Spam is Spam! Spam, spam, spam!

I think this one deserves this!

I wish this board supported image files. So much is lost in the click…

Well I prefer corned beef myself…Oh that kind of spam! Oops sorry I thought this was a food thread.