I ate icecream for breakfast today.

I was in the kitchen thinking about what I wanted for breakfast, when it occurred to me that I’ve been living away from home for about five years, and never had icecream for breakfast.

Ooooo I’m so naughty.

You know, I’ve never really wanted ice cream for breakfast. Then came the day when Mrs. Magill told me I couldn’t have it.

One day, when she’s not home, pinky and I shall triumph and have ice cream for breakfast.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve thought, “Why don’t I eat dessert before my dinner?” If I’m going to eat dinner and dessert, why not start with dessert and really enjoy the good stuff? I can never bring myself to do it though.

I answer to no one, so one morning I did indulge in a pint of Ben&Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. After all, bananas go on breakfast cereal, so…

Life is uncertain, enjoy dessert first! (at least once in a while) :smiley:

My girlfriend and I do stuff like that all the time. We had a whole loaf of garlic bread for dinner last night. We do it once or twice a month, ever since we were standing in the store and I mused, “I always wanted to just eat the whole loaf. Nothing but garlic bread for dinner.” So we do! :smiley:

Ice cream is lovely for breakfast in summer. It’s too cold for winter, you need a nice warm cookie, maybe candy for chilly weather.

Tisn’t naughty, ice cream has lots of milk, fruit maybe. Practically health food!

Back when I was young and broke. My SO and I would go shopping at one of the big warehouse stores every couple of month, to stock up on stuff like toilet paper and shampoo. Every once in a while the store would have these delicious cheesecakes (frozen) at the same time that we had an extra $10.
So we would buy the cheesecake, and stand in the parking lot of the store, feeding each other frozen cheesecake. Those are still among my happiest memories.

The people I work with have stopped asking me what i had for breakfast.
I’m not sure if it was the tuna fish sandwiches, or the roast beef with garlic mashed potatoes that had this effect. I believe that left over dinner is perfectly acceptable for breakfast. Ice cream for breakfast is best if you have Thin Mints to go with it.

This morning, for breakfast, I had a baloney sandwich.

It was really good.

I love baloney.

Ice Cream is the food of the gods. If it is alright to endulge with some of the frozen confection at 2 am, then why not 7 am? I think you need to fill us in on the flavor, brand, etc…
friedo–Baloney, better known as slaughterhouse leftovers, should never be consumed if avoidable, definitely not before 6pm. My dad used to eat two baloney sandwiches every day after work, so I guess he sorta spoiled me on any redeeming value that stuff might have.


Your father is my hero.

Ice cream for breakfast is naughty? Since when?

Today for breakfast I had a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. No, I’m serious. Then I ran to catch he bus to campus (at least I didn’t drive today). For supper tonight I had a slice of Chocolate Guinness Stout Cake. I clipped the recipe from the paper and decided to make St. Patty’s day a little early. Now I have the rest of a case of Guinness sitting in my apartment - so I am super-happy!

I had three bowls of tapioca pudding for dinner last night. Mmm, tapioca. For the “health” part of my meal, I had carrot sticks with ranch dressing. LOTS of ranch dressing. I’m planning on eating cookies for breakfast, clad solely in my underwear, on Thursday, to celebrate the beginning spring break. It’s the little things that make life worth living.

This reminds me of a story about my littlest brother, who has since turned into a gimongous teenage boy.

When he was four, he was angelic: big blue eyes surrounded by heavy lashes, rosy cheeks, softly tousled black curls. One day, he was helping Mom put away groceries when came across a package of baloney. His little face became reverent, as if he had stumbled upon the Holy Grail and from it screed the meaning of life.

“Oh,” he said, cradling the baloney gently in his dimpled baby-hands, “I just love a baloney.” He carefully and fastidiously laid the baloney to rest in the meat drawer of the refrigerator and just as painstakingly shut the drawer, protecting The Processed Chicken and Pork Slices of Oscar the Mayer from all mortal eyes.

“Oh,” he said again, “I just love a baloney.”

We have told this story so many times, he no longer “just loves a baloney.”

His breakfast habits, in an attempt to unhijack my post, lean heavily towards frozen pepperoni pizza or bagel sandwiches with TONS of ham and cheddar cheese. Or Starburst, now that I think about it.

I’ve never understood this. I’d rather have the last thing I eat–the thing that will linger–be the best part.

Dead Guy Ale is soooo good. We had beer for brunch yesterday, after my husband ran in the local St. Patrick’s Day road race. His beer was free, my guinness wasn’t, but it made a darn fine brunch anyway.

It’s Yarnell’s Caramel Turtle Fudge. It’s vanilla icecream w/swirls of caramel and fudge with little caramel turtle candies. Good Lord it’s good stuff.
Oh and for someone (I can’t remember who and I’m too lazy to check) it’s warm enough for icecream here. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s here :slight_smile:

What’s really naughty is eating chocolate ice cream with whipped cream off your boyfriend for breakfast…

what? :slight_smile:

My apologies… it was brunch. :smiley:

SanguineSpider, how you doin’?