I be fly - welcome the SuaMobile!

The insurance is purchased, the bill of sale is typed up and ready for signature, the check is in my wallet, and Saturday I pick up the SuaMobile.

“And what, pray tell, is the SuaMobile?,” you ask.

Excellent question!

The SuaMobile is a 1979 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. This baby is red-and-white two-tone, with 127,000 miles on it, a 425 in[sup]3[/sup] engine under the hood. I’ve heard the model (accurately) described as “a tank with a super luxury interior.”
I’m buying it from the original owner (my great aunt), who was diligent (nay, obsessive) in maintaining it. And can prove it - she gave me the complete maintenance records for the car.

All I need now are the fuzzy dice and a “Keep on Trucking” bumper sticker, and I’ll be the grooviest honkey in Brooklyn. :cool:



I love those big old honkers. Ya gonna show us some pictures?

Great! Now you can come pick me up from work the next Thursday dinner. But ya sure ain’t driving me home. I’ve seen you after the dinner.

What is it with guys? Like you need a car in NY. My hubby is shopping around now. I think he plans to park it up his butt.

picture pretty please

Need the car?! Heaven forfend! God knows I don’t need this car. If I needed a car, I’d get something “sensible.”

No, my dear Biggirl. I want this car. :smiley:


Awwwwwright, Sua! Enjoy. Welcome to Cadiholism.

Once you go Cadillac you’ll never go back!


Tell us all how much you got for it, eh? :slight_smile:

er, got it for.

So Sua will drive ALL of the NYC Dopers to the next ChiDope.

Hey if I lived in NY I’d own a car…

Public transportation in Chicago was creepy enough for me thank you very much.

Careful. There is some pretty stiff competition for that title - especially in Brooklyn. Us cats in Williamsburg just got it like that. :cool:

Where you gonna park that bitch? My mom is giving me her old car (94 Chrysler Concorde) in a month. While she is donating the car, it seemed like insurance and parking would be a pain to take on myself. So me and three close friends have decided to split the car and all related costs. We all live in Brooklyn (2 in WB; 2 in BS), and we figure it’ll be alot cheaper to park it in a garage out there. We are hoping for something close to a subway station (the L would be ideal) - preferably enclosed. If you know where I can find something like that, then drop that dope on a mutha fucka.

Also, since I will be sharing the roads in Brooklyn with you shortly, watch out. I am most definately one of the worst drivers I know. I’ve totaled a few cars and I haven’t driven in 7 years cause I got spooked (and they took my license). I’m sure I’m better now though . . .

DaLovin’ Dj

i’m thinkin’… HYDROS!!!

$1200 Maeglin. I’m actually feeling somewhat guilty. My aunt’s Caddy mechanic offered her $3000 for it, but she wanted to keep it in the family.

In my defense, I offered her $1500, but she refused to take that much.


Congrats, Sua! Use it well.

(BTW, since you’ll now be driving to work, does this mean that your dilema over EZPass ethics is no longer an issue?

Zev Steinhardt

The Car Talk guys spoke to a lady a while back who had been given an older Caddie by Daddy when her Accord died. She was feeling pangs of conscience because, as PC as her Accord was, “That Caddie is a sweet ride.” The guys suggested Cadillac take a page from Bose and let folks borrow one of their cars for a few days and, if they don’t bring it back, start sending them monthly bills. All people have to do is try them and moosh their butts around in a big, cushy seat and they will never go back to econoboxes.

Nice to know you’re getting a proper automobile, kid.

No zev, I still lay awake at night, wrestling with my conscience over EZPass, because I’m not going to use the car to commute. The SuaMobile is emphatically and exclusively a toy.

Zebra, I don’t think I’ll be able to drive all the NYDopers to the next ChiDope - the SuaMobile will only carry about 30 people. :smiley:

Pictures? Pictures?! Let me get the freaking car first. Then we’ll think about pictures.


One word has sprung to mind - Pimpin’.

Hey with that kind of car you could sub-let the trunk as a studio apartment and (depending where you park it) could charge between 1200 - 1800 rent to someone.

(no New Yorkers will laugh at that)

Is it like this one? Pimpin’ indeed. :slight_smile:

Of course, I prefer cars that can actually negotiate a corner myself. But credit where credit’s due: that is one bad-ass lookin’ heap of American steel.