Whatcha Drivin' ?

1998 4 Door Maroon Buick Sylark

A big herd to Dodge City.

A 2000 VW Bug nicknamed The Great Pambino.

::Silver Fire wakes up::

Huh, wha?

1996 Peugeot 306 XR

The exact same specs and colour as the photo, too. Lovely car, with the best cornering in its class. It eats VW Golfs for breakfast on winding roads.

1995 Chevy Lumina 4-door. Named Stella.

1994 Chev Camero

1992 Honda Civic DX 4-door, 5-speed.
New car coming next winter…


1999 Acura CL, but getting ready to trade it in for the 2001 CL.

69 mustang

1997 Ford Aerostar… last year they made 'em… I love my Aerostar and dread the day I’ll have to replace it…

1993 Mercedes-Benz 400 SEL (and I love her so much!)

1996 Toyota Tercel DX 2 Door

Paid off and lovin’ it, baby!

1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged

91 Honda Accord, 2 door…I love my car!
But I need a new Honda :slight_smile:

'71 Nova 4-door. 307 V8, no other options (manual windows, locks, steering, and 4-wheel drum brakes) :smiley:

Before that, it was a '84 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, soon to be resurrected.

93 Ford F-150, 4 wheel drive with polished aluminum wheels and all terain tires. Excellent vehicle for the mountains.

'97 Integra GS. Dark Green, covered with road grime.

Dude, that Nova looks completely new! 13,000 miles? In 30 years? “Sir, it only was used to go to church. And shopping trips. And old granny owned it. Honest!” :smiley:

Wow, that Jeep looks hurt alright. Did you hit a guard rail with the right front end?

2001 red 4-door Saturn SL1 with black pinstripes. 2 weeks tomorrow!

1997 Pacific Green 4-door Mercury Tracer. 9 more payments, and she’s mine :slight_smile: