I Beat A Parking Ticket

Nothing like this has EVER happened to me before! I got a parking ticket for $25 at a city park. Honestly, I didn’t even look at the signs, but when I found the ticket I saw that the sign made it look like I was in a valid parking place. I didn’t keep a copy of the appeal letter I sent in instead of a check-- which is nice because I get to remember it as being persuasive in the extreme-- but it must have worked because they called me this morning to say that they would change the sign and that I didn’t have to pay the ticket.

I’ve joined the ranks of those who have beaten city hall! (In a way.)

I like those guys who take whole day off from work, to go to court and fight against their 50 $ ticket. :smack:

I wrote my letter while at work pretending to “address a very important concern.” :smiley:

My dad also beat a parking ticket. Nice to see others doing the same.

I fought a speeding ticket one time and even though I did a terrible job of defending myself, I think the judge felt sorry for me because he reduced the fine to $0. So I still had a ticket but I didn’t have to pay anything. :slight_smile:

Fight the power!

I’ve beaten dozens of them. Cops here in NYC write tons of garbage tickets and bank on people not caring enough to go to the nearest help center to fight for their money.