How Do I Beat A Ticket In NY State?

I got pulled over by a trooper this evening who wrote me a ticket on someone else’s behalf.

The trooper pulled over and an unmarked Dodge p/u pulled up behind him. The trooper said that the guy in the p/u was an off duty cop who claims I passed him at 90mph so he gave me a ticket for him. I have nothing but respect for cops and judges, but here’s my problem: I’m not guilty, but I think I’ll probably be found guilty and have to pay a fine I can’t afford. (And my insurance will go up which I also can’t afford.) What’s my best bet for beating the ticket?

I figure I’ve got four options:

A: Plead guilty and hope for a low fine - I really dislike this idea.

B: Plead not-guilty, and at the trial admit that I passed him legally in a safe manner and the cop’s nuts if he really thinks I’m guilty, and he was really just pissed because his souped up p/u was driving too slow and a measly Civic passed him against his will.

C: Plead not-guilty and claim that I didn’t pass him and he must have me confused with some other black Honda Civic.

D: Leave the country and lead a life on the lam.