I blew up a Toastmasters group last night

Is that roll toasted?

I am a toastmaster, so, yes: perfectly.

Discobot, can you also make toast?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes

Ah. Well I also agree with that.

And exactly why Discourse automatically deleting the quote and leaving no trace of your reply being to the person above you can be confusing.

Hence I recommend, if you care enough to quote, to also care enough to edit the post to put it back or at least @mention the poster you’re talking to.

And why I want @codinghorror to fix it where it doesn’t delete all trace of the quote. At least show something to show that it links to the previous post. People don’t expect to need to check if information tehy included in their post (i.e. which post they are responding to) to be removed. They don’t check, so my advice above will likely go unheeded.

Blood has been shed over less controversial subjects.

I know of a fatal stabbing over a Little Debbie snack cake.

Just, just…move over, kids.

I fucking rule all fucking toast.

I was raised to think that way. I just spent my life from age 5 onward thinking my adults were assholes. And I’m not even very bright.

Now that you mention it, given my accomplishments as a Toastmaster, I really suck at making toast. I happen to have a particularly lousy toaster, but I fail no matter what toaster I use. Luckily, I’m not a big toast fan.

I’m competing in our club’s humorous speech contest tomorrow night. I’m no fan of contests, but we were scrambling for contestants because the contest will be virtual, so I’m being a good soldier and participating. I’m recycling a killer speech I did for the Storytelling manual. I’ve also been coaching one of my competitors rather intensively because he just doesn’t do funny that well. Now his speech is good enough that he might beat me. I’m kind of hoping he does. Being funny is easy for me. Teaching someone else to be funny? Now THAT’s an accomplishment! Besides he’s not a very confident speaker and beating me would be a great boost for him.

Did anybody clap?

This is part of the problem. People think “authoritarian” and they think “literally Hitler firing up the gas ovens.” That’s not it at all. Authoritarians just think that (1) people should always obey the party in charge, and (2) their party should always be the party in charge. That’s all it takes. Do it long enough, and eventually we do arrive at (3) literal Hitler.

Well, not literal Hitler. He’s dead. But someone very much like him, certainly.

Returning to second this question. Sort of.

You’ve never (that I can discern) come back to report what Dave told you about the aftermath of the meeting. C’mon, spill that tea!

My Toastmasters group studiously refrains from political opinions.

I happen to know some members have very different opinions from mine.

As an aside, it’s a nice organization that offers self-help to people who wish to improve their public speaking.

Dues are $90 a year.

About Toastmasters