I bought a house! Today!

Guess what I did today, folks? I went to an auction and bought a house. Totally unplanned - I’d looked at the house but figured it was a no-go since I hadn’t sold my house yet. Here’s apicture of the 154 year old farmhouse. It’s on almost 14 acres and I got it for $66K. Yes, the house needs some work, but it’s livable, and I’m paying so little that I shouldn’t have a problem doing all the immediate fixes (like a heating system) right now. There are 12 ft ceilings and fireplaces in all the downstairs rooms. It was built in 1849 and the same family has lived in it all this time.

I’ve been planning to move - I want to have my horse live with me instead paying money to a stable that is going downhill, and where the horses weren’t safe due to fencing as well as some other issues. I’ve been fixing up my present house getting it ready to sell. I’d pretty much gone to the auction as a learning experience, and to see what land in that part of the county was going for. So now I’m in shock. I have to hurry and get this house on the market. I should be able to swing the financing even without selling my present home, which I was thinking of keeping as a rental, but I don’t know that I want the hassle of being a landlord. Wow. I hardly know what to do next.


What a great house! Good for you. We move into our house two weeks from now - we’re signing all the papers with the lawyer on Monday. I would be getting excited too, except I’m stuck too deeply in all the packing and cleaning crap. After that, I’m going to get excited.

$66K for a house and 14 acres! Christ doing one-handed push-ups! I thought I got a good deal! I’m in the process of moving into my house. I take a trailer load up on Monday, then come back for the motorcycles a week later. My best fiend bought his house two years ago for $60K. Three bedrooms and 1/4 acre. I’m buying it from him for the appraised value of $96K. (Property values are rising up there.)

In L.A. the median price for a small house is like $320K; so you can see why I was happy to get my new place. (And it’s up where it’s cold and wet all year. Bonus! :slight_smile: ) But it’s nowhere near the deal you got!

There seems to be a number of new homeowners on SDMB lately. Congratulations to you, and enjoy yourself! (So can we call you “StGermain, esquire” now? :slight_smile:

featherlou - I’nm still stunned. My mother’s offered to co halves on the house with me, and at her death it’ll all come to me, but I’d rather keep family out of my financial dealings. I’ll talk to her about it, but I can swing the whole thing myself, just a matter of getting my current house sold.

Johnny L.A. - Well, if you wanted to change your name to "Johnny Nashville (sounds sort of like a private eye), you too, could have great deals. I’ve been a home-owner for 10 years, so nothing’s changed there, but a bigger place - that is new. The neighbors seem very nice - several introduced themselves. One guy three houses down raises horses. Another older couple has a house the same age. People were very welcoming, and all were glad I wasn’t going to knock it down to build something new.


Best of luck to you!

I bet the woodwork in there is beautiful. Old houses have so muchcharacter, and were built with pride, unlike today’s cookie-cutter McMansions.

Congratulations. Wishing you both joy and luck in your new house.

I bring you:
Bread, so that you’ll never hunger
Wine, so that you’ll never thirst and
Salt so that your life will always have spice.

Congratulations. I dream some day I’ll be able to buy a house.

Holy shit, that is one cheap house, and beautiful with it! Congrats.

StGermain: I have a friend in Clifton, and from what she says it’s too hot for me out that way. (We have similar weather-likes, and it’s too hot for her in the summer.)

I am so jealous. I would love to have land for a horse, I have also boarded for years (17 to be exact) even when I lived in the country (no fences, and my ex-fiancee at the time didn’t want to give up his beautiful 2.5 acre lawn to pasture). :rolleyes:

With that kind of land you can also get (dare I say it?) more horses, and your dogs (IIRC you have a few, right?) will like it too.

“McMansion?” I love that - we are currently living in a McHouse (it hardly qualifies as a mansion), and that is exactly what we didn’t want in our own house. Our house is nowhere near as old as yours, St.G., but it’s 30 years old and has tons more character than this one - with no exaggeration, the house we’re renting now is the same model as 30 other houses on this circle.

Driving through our new neighbourhood, there are very few houses the same type as ours - they range from California-style ranch houses to gingerbread two-stories to bungalows. There’s even one dark purple house - a definite no-no for our current home-owner’s association (aka the Gestapo).

That’s a major league sweet deal. Congratulations! Older houses are so cool. If you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to provide titles/authors/ISBN references for some excellent texts regarding caring for, rehabbing, and restoring old and historic houses.

danceswithcats - Thanks so much! that would be helpful. I work for Ingram, so I get a 40% discount on books.

Boscibo - I’ve been boarding at teh same facility for 14 years. I’ve been there longer than anyone, and it breaks my heart to see what my barn is becoming. Along with my Irish, I used to feed just a bit of grain to the owner’s wild mustang. No one could touch Bart, but he was coming when I called and would even let me pet his face and neck. He didn’t come up for a couple days so finally I went looking for him. I found him dead in the back of the pasture. The vultures were all over him. I don’t know how he died, but how sad it is that his owner, who lives at the farm, had to be told by me that one of his horses was dead because he couldn’t be concerned to check up on them. I fully intend to buy one more horse, or take in a rescue. Horses aren’t happy as solitary animals.

Johnny L.A. - It’s wicked hot here in the summer, no mistake. But with air-conditioning most people are fine.

ruadh - Come on over to Tennessee. It’s amazing what a cute accent will get you here.


Oops! I forgot:

Kahdaji - That’s a beautiful blessing/prayer. Thank you.


I brought pictures in to work today and no one seemed excited. I don’t understand it - how can you look at that cute house and not be excited? At least some faux-excitement to make it look like you’re interested. One co-worker said “You ain’t right” and another said “Oh. that’s neat.” Bah on all those visionless fools!


You should see the prices over here in the UK. I just bought a house for what, over here, is a good price. I paid £52500 for a two bedroomed terrace (ie houses adjoing both sides of mine) on 0 acres :wink:

Enjoy your bounty!


I want to see your cute house, but the link doesn’t work for me.

AbbySthrnAccent - It appears the auction company has removed the picture from the website since the auction is over. I have some other pics, but I don’t know how to put them on the net so they can be viewed.

Can anyone tell me how to do it?


I now have pics of my house There are three pics - one of the outside of the house, one that shows one of the front rooms. THe third is the front hall looking back to the dining room. Notice the high ceilings.I bought the farm! Literally!


I’m just jealous that you’re living out my dream of a farmhouse and acreage. Enjoy!