I bought a jug of beer. How long will it stay good.

Last night, my GF and I went to a micro-brew place (and excellent BBQ there too!). They have these jugs there, and for a price, you can have them filled with whatever beer you want to take home with you.

I bought one, poured one beer out of it, and now the remainder is just sitting in my fridge. Probably won’t get around to drinking it again til next weekend. Is it still going to be good? The bottle comes with a twist on cap. If that makes a difference.

I wouldn’t bet on it lasting more than a day or two. You should just drink it. Drink it NOW!

You gotta ask yourself this…do you feel lucky punk?..do ya? :slight_smile:

Now I count 5 days…maybe its been six…

All else follows from that :slight_smile:

If you throw in a bunch of everclear it should stay good forever.

These jugs are usually called growlers, and “opinions vary” on how long the beer stays good for; mainly because “good” is subjective. It’ll stay perfectly safe to drink for a long time, and will still get you intoxicated. But “good” meaning taste, is subjective. Most “beer snob purists” will tell you that a growler unopened is good for a couple weeks, opened (like yours is) no more than a couple days.

But there’s a lot of different varieties of beer and different sensitivities to the flavor changes the beer undergoes, so a lot of people will tell you they’ve drank beer out of an opened growler a week old and been fine with it. But the most common time range I hear is in the 2-3 day range. Essentially these are intended to replace having a six pack in your fridge, most people that buy growlers are buying them to consume in the next couple days.

You can buy jugs of beer? Well, this changes everything.

I’m thinking these guys probably know.

Aw hells yeah. If you have a microbrew anywhere near you they probably sell growlers. I must say this is a change for the good.

Just polished off a growler tonight that was purchased on Thursday, opened on Friday, and it was fine. I’d give it 3-4 days once opened, beyond that the change of taste is noticeable.

You can save beer in an open growler? Never tried it!
64 ounces is just enough for the 2 of us on home movie night.

You should try one. It’s fresher, usually locally-made, and often more affordable than bottles. I never leave home without an empty in my trunk. Never know when the urge or the opportunity will strike, and I don’t want to miss my chance to bring a great beer home.

About 2 days once a growler is opened.

I’ve never had one last long enough to find out.

This is what confuses me about the “opened” part. The growler was “opened” from the start. I grabed an empty growler from the shelf, handed it to the bartender, and then from there, she filled it up from the tap at the bar and just twisted the cap on her self.

So, I don’t get why me opening it just a couple of hours later greatly reduces the shelf life. :confused:

Either they filled the growler wrong, or you weren’t watching carefully. They don’t just fill it the same way they do a pint glass and then cap it. They should be using some sort of contraption on the tap to regulate the CO2. Some of them (Mammoth comes to mind) even actually seal it with a sort of rubber tape.

IIRC 2-3 days is the usually recommendation after opening, but I’ve had them be okay 5 or so days in. It’s obvious if they’re still carbonated when you open them.

Oh, okay. She did connect some sort of tube on the tap and then stuck the tube into the bottle. I thought she just did that to prevent foam. But I guess there was more to it than just that.


What do you mean regulate it? Is the idea that there shouldn’t be any air in the container when it’s sealed, and exposure to the air is what starts the process of the carbonation becoming less… carbonic (and is there air in the keg that the tap connects to)? And if it’s not air that does it, what is it? Like the OP I’m not sure I get the difference with the opened vs. unopened container.

I asked a beer drinking friend about this. He said a jug of beer will be no good to drink in 24 hours or less. After that it tastes like air.

I think that’s it but IANA bartender.

With the opened versus unopened, IME what’s important is how much beer is actually left in the growler. If you drink three pints out of it in a sitting and then drink the last one the next day, chances are that last pint will be somewhat flat. But if you only drink a pint out of it, the remainder will stay good for a few days.

I think using the CO2 gizmo improves the shelf life of the unopened growers which is important for breweries that ship filled growers or do the growler exchange thing where they might fill a whole week’s worth of growlers ahead of time, but most breweries and bars that fill growlers just pour the beer right in. The tube thing they put on the tap only keeps the head under control so they can fill it faster.

My local gas station did a wonderful thing and has started selling growlers of local/semi-local microbrews.
My last growler ‘fill up’ was finished 5 days after I got it and it was noticeably flat; my fault for not drinking it all the same day or two.

The gas station down the street from us opened a growler station and we’re in heaven.

As for the freshness part, I find it really depends on the beer. Beer snobs are going to say the beer is bad 5 minutes after opening, but I’ve tried certain brews a week later that were flavorful, carbonated and very drinkable…others, not so much.