I bought a Walther PPK/S today.

Yeah, the .380 can be snappy in a small frame. Which is why I got the diamondback in 9mm. I figured if I was going to have a lot of recoil I might as well have the power of a regular 9mm over a 9mm short (which is all the .380 is).

And, at least in the movies, didn’t Bond have a Beretta .25 ACP first?

I got a Beretta PX 4 Sub Compact. Not much bigger than a PPK and it’s full on 9mm Luger.

He did in the novels.

I have one of those. I keep it in my man purse (a Maxpedition Jumbo Fatboy). Although in length and height it isn’t much larger than the PPK, it is at least twice as thick and heavier with a full magazine. I installed Trijicon night sights on mine. I like it for the most part. My only real criticism is that it doesn’t shoot groups as tight as any of my other 9mms.

At one time I owned a Tisas clone of the Beretta 84. Pretty close to the same thing.
I found the Colt to be more comfortable to shoot.

It’s seen for all of 2 minutes in Dr. No (the first movie) when he is ordered to hand it over for the PPK by M.