I bought a Walther PPK/S today.

It is an Interarms production stainless pistol. It shows a little handling wear but is in minty condition internally. Both magazines, the case, and paperwork all present. There are lighter and smaller .380s out there today, but none cooler.

If it’s an Interarms import it’s pre-Smith and Wesson, which also means pre-improvement. I know you know guns, but still, watch out for slide bite and be prepared to do some sort of work to fix the stovepiping the Interarms PPKs have a reputation for.

That said, if you ever want to get rid of it let me know, I’ll take that piece of junk off your hands.

One more thing: it’s a shame we got the PPK/S. I know the PP frame gives you more to put your hand on, and I know it’s still small, but the reason we got the extended frame is stupid. For the record, for those who don’t know, the PPK couldn’t be imported because it didn’t gather enough import points based on the criteria established in the Gun Control Act of 1968, so they used the PP frame to make it import-eligible.

A very classy looking pistol indeed. I hope you get much enjoyment out of it.
Although, to be honest, I prefer my mid-80s Colt Gov’t model .380 out of all the .380s I’ve shot.

Rather like Walthers quite a bit, but mine are a P99AS and PPQ, both M1s with paddle mag releases.
Congrats on your new acquisition, though; shoot safe, shoot straight, and have fun!

I have one. Pretty accurate for what it is but kind of jam prone. I’ve tried a few different brands and types of ammo. Still not reliable enough for a carry gun. Hope yours works better than mine.

“The name’s Scumpup.”

“James Scumpup”.

Isn’t that the bad guy’s gun from Dumb & Dumber?

I prefer to think of myself as working for The Railroad rather than MI6.

I employed a PPK in the recovery of my stolen motorcycle.


I’m not real big on the .380 cartridge. For pocket carry I bought a Diamondback DB 9, currently the smallest 9mm made, about the size of most .380’s.

But the Walther is super c:cool::cool:l, I’ll grant you that.

And I’ve owned other models of Walthers. Very well made, reliable handguns.

I didn’t buy the PPk (turns out, based on the frame, that it isn’t a PPK/S) as a carry piece. For that purpose, I have, and use, a Bond Arms Bullpup.

Except Bond used a .32, which Scumpup will wish he had after shooting this piece of his. There’s a reason I’ve sold every blowback .380 I’ve ever owned, and there aren’t any new designs with that action in that caliber introduced in the last 20 years. Compared to locked-breech gun in the same caliber blowback guns kick like mules.

I’m not worried. One of my favorite pistols is a Makarov. It’s a tad bit larger than the PPK, but its cartridge is more powerful too. It is blowback with hard plastic grips and I’ve never found it unpleasant to shoot. I plan on taking the PPKto the range later today. If it turns out to be a kicker, I’ll note it here.

Well, long story, short version: Saw my bike go down the road (I was out looking every day after work, ready for the eventuality), followed it to a skeevy apartment building, lurked till the thief pulled into a space, hauled ass in with the car, jumped out and pulled the PPK on him. He was about to drop the bike. I told him,* “Put it on the sidestand, or I’ll kill you!”
He took off running, trying to jump on his buddy’s bike (the two were riding together), and got dragged a few yards, then jumped up and booked down the street on foot.

I had someone call the cops (if they hadn’t already) and they showed up, blah blah blah.

Got my bike back, and the investigation that followed led to the recovery of a few others guys bikes (including the FJ1100 that dragged the perp down the parking lot). The FJ owner tracked me down and thanked me.

PPK. Nice little gun.

The Makarov is actually exhibit A for what I’m talking about. I have owned one as well, and would liken the recoil to punching a sheet rock wall full-force. I’m probably sensitive to recoil, but I know I’m not the only one with this experience. I was shooting Wolf ammo, which is loaded to Russian military ballistics. How anyone in the Russian military managed to hit anything with that pocket cannon (which ejected shells about 20 feet to the side and 8 feet high) I’ll never know. Gun was built like a tank–which I liked–but I eventually sold it at a loss because I just hated the recoil.

Back from the range. I ran a fifty round box of American Eagle fmj through it. No malfunctions of any kind with either magazine. I generally expect good accuracy from autoloaders with fixed barrels and the PPK did not disappoint. The limiting factors are my aging eyes and a tremor I picked up following a stroke; the gun is more accurate than I am. The DA trigger pull is heavier than I like, but it is smooth. The SA trigger pull is very good indeed. I may or may not bother experimenting with hollow points. I’m of a mind that the pocket pistol cartridges (.25, .32, .380) are at their anemic best when they have maximum penetration. Even if it feeds hollow points, I’d most likely still carry it with fmj.
While I was at the range, I ran a few magazines through the Bond Arms Bullpup. It is a gem of a pistol and it was worth every damn penny.

I have the P-64, which is almost a clone, being the slightly more powerful, Communist-er cousin. Makarov PM is a little different in design.

Godless commies…

Congrats to the OP.

Then you, sir, must not be acquainted with the Baretta 85FS 380ACP.