I bought the wrong kind of coconut...

…There it is lying in a bowl…

I’m making an icebox cake, and I didn’t realize until too late that I was supposed to get un sweetened coconut for the frosting, not sweetened. I’m using it anyway, and hoping it will be okay. I know it’s a risk, but I don’t know what other use I would have, in the near future, for sweetened coconut. So I’m using it.

She bought the wrong kind of coconut
and baked it all up
She bought the wrong kind of coconut
and baked it all up…

:::she bought the wrong kinda coconut,
such a silly woman…:::
:smiley: I laughed my ass off at that Drastic

Hey Rilchiam - call us in the morning, okay?

Heehee! I’ll have to call you Saturday. As I mentioned, it’s an icebox cake, which means it has to be in the fridge at least three days to be what it should be.

It’s resting in there now. The recipe said the frosting would probably drip down the sides, “but it will thicken as it chills”. I’m sure it will, but it will be thickening on the plate. I scraped up as much as I could and put it on top, but it just kept sinking. Finally, I had to give it up for fear of collapsing the whole thing. So it sits in the fridge, with much of the sides exposed. We’ll see.

Doctor, is there nothing I can take,
I said, Doctor, to completely frost this cake?

And just how did you come across this coconut?

::looking around for unladen swallows::

Rilchiam, what’s an icebox cake?

Look, it doesn’t matter! May I please see your master!

Wicked, an icebox cake is one with a rich frosting, while the cake itself is soft. So you let it sit in the fridge [icebox] until the frosting has leached in.

Hey, are you trying to get me spanked?!

Oh, wait, nevermind, you were replying with another quote from the movie.
My bad.


Update: The cake was ready last night, and it doesn’t seem that my error has had an adverse effect. It was enjoyed by all. Amazing to see how it started out as four layers, and now they’re all gummed together.

[funny]Friday night, the King of the Hill rerun was the one where Hank, Peggy and Bobby all take up smoking and then have to quit. Luann announces triumphantly, “Unca Hank is clean! Ah’ll make a icebox cake…Wait a minute, where’s Aunt Peggy?”[/funny]

recipe please, rilchiam! mmmmm, icebox coconut cake…

slight hijack…

When my brother and I would be at home alone on school afternoons, we decided to make a yellow cake. Dad would love that. So we did, but we found some food coloring and mixed it in too, so it wasn’t a yellow cake, but a GREEN cake. This was covered up with white frosting. Yum. We didn’t cut into it till Dad got home. He was the first to cut into it. Boy was he hot. We thought it was funny. We also got to eat all of the cake, because no one else wanted it. We were also pooping green for almost two weeks, too.

ok, hijack over.

essvee: I’ll have to e-mail it to you because it’s copyrighted.

Brood: I also have a recipe for Red Velvet Cake. Yes, I know about the UL, but it is possible to make RVC anyway. Except I’m going to change it to Blue Velvet Cake and surprise Mr. Rilch with it. He’s a big David Lynch fan.

To get rid of your excess sweetened coconut, you can make pajas– a very simple macaroon-style cookie.

2 cups coconut
1/3 cup chopped pecans
1/3 cup chopped dried apricots (or other dried fruit such as cranberries or raisins)
1/3 cup chocolate chips
1/2 can sweetened condensed milk (more or less, add enough until it’s all gluey and sticky)

Mix all together and shape into golf ball sized pieces and press down slightly. Bake at 325° for about 7 minutes, until the coconut turns golden and the cookies hold together.