Cake...Cold or room temp?

Last night we celebrated Suburban Plankton’s birthday. My sister brought a traditional bakery layer cake, chocolate w/ chocolate frosting. It was very yummy, but as I was eating the celebratory slice, I was thinking to myself was, I cannot wait to have some of this tomorrow when it’s been in the fridge all night.

So I got to wondering if anyone else felt this way.

The only thing I think about when it comes to cake is whether it’s store bought or home made.

I can’t stand the store bought stuff around here. The frosting is to sweet, and the cake itself is dry. Other than that, it doesn’t matter if it’s been in the fridge or not.

Cold cake is gross! Ack!

Other. I don’t particularly like cake, nor do I particularly hate cake. It’s more an obligatory thing to eat at certain celebratory functions.

Warm? Cold? Room temperature? Meh.

There are many things to take into consideration here, notwithstanding:

a) the type of cake;
b) the proximity of the fridge;
c) whether the cake itself would survive in the fridge unmolested
by others;
d) how much room there is in the fridge
e) what’s on tv.

A complex question Rhiannon. So stop trying to simplify it with a lazy poll because you’re too busy stuffing your face with fridgey cake.

Cake is best warm, fresh from the oven.

chilled. around 55 degrees.

LOL…I’m done scarfing down the fridgey cake…I had it for breakfast because it was chocolate cake and Bill Cosby says it’s just fine for breakfast.

Rex Goliath, I think I have a poster of you in my kitchen. :wink:

Room temperature! Seriously, refrigerating cakes makes them more dense and fudge-like. If you like that texture, go ahead, but I prefer my cake nice and airy. When there are cake leftovers (inconceivable, I know, but bear with me), I tent it loosely with plastic wrap and leave it on the counter out of direct sunlight.

Depends on the cake. A light cake would be fine cold, but a denser cake would be worse cold.

Cold cake? <shudder>

We store slices in the freezer. A few seconds in the microwave defrosts it.

I like mine a little warm. Not hot.

Usually room temperature, but I won’t turn my nose up at cold cake, either. Especially cakes with butter- or cream-based frostings, which are usually kept cold to prevent melting.

Room temp usually, but it depends on the icing. There are some types of icing that work better cold, but your standard buttercream or Crisco-based icing is MUCH better at room temp, otherwise it has a waxy mouthfeel.

I’ll eat either! Yummy cake!

My husband likes his from the fridge, but I prefer room temp. However, I’ve never been known to turn down cold cake. :smiley:

More flavors and nuances can be appreciated at higher temperature.

I like coconut cake cold, but it usually has a whipped cream frosting, so it needs to be refrigerated anyway. And who can wait for it to come to room temp? I need cake now!

Likewise, I will also eat hot cake with no frosting, warm cake with melty frosting, room temp cake with just right frosting. Any cake is good in my book.

Mr. Horseshoe always refrigerates leftover cupcakes, which I think dries 'em out. He says that this is The Proper Way to store them. I just try to eat them before they get dried out. Y’know, as a loving compromise.

Whether this is a good thing or not depends on the cake.

I wish I could re-vote. I said room temp, but what I really like best is cake hot out of the oven with no icing.

Room temp is 2nd choice.