I brought this on myself.

I started a new job around Christmas - instead of being a generalist tech in the lab, doing a bit of everything, I’m now exclusively a blood banker. I love it.

But it’s been busy.

Very busy. For some reason, I seem to be getting a disproportionate number of the difficult cases.

And this week my coworker said “Wow, you’re like an antibody magnet or something.”


There’s a type and screen joke in here somewhere, but I haven’t had my breakfast yet… Good luck! :smiley:

OK, I’ll admit it - I don’t get it.

Antigens trigger antibody production. :smiley:

Gotcha. :smiley:

Heh. How about changing your username to “Crossmatch Queen”? :slight_smile:

(I almost never got any interesting crossmatches - you’re so lucky!)

Lucky? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Sometimes we don’t get the specimen till the guy’s actually open in the OR, with the doc yelling at us for blood, and I’m trying to figure out what antibody he’s got so we don’t kill him.

But yeah, I do like the investigation, when I’m under a little less pressure.

I’m considering making myself a little cardboard crown of antibodies. Just for fun.

I did a stat cross-match for 26 units once, with the guy bleeding out in the ER. He bled all of my work onto the floor and died anyway. I felt like going in with a mop and recycling it all back into the blood bank (“Hardly used!”). :smiley:

Hey, at least it’s interesting stuff, right?

Me, I was the ice queen. It seemed like the majority I got were cold autos. No fun at all-just annoying because they could hide anything else. I could do absorptions like nobody’s business though. Pretty darned good with eluates too.