I burning Opal's dog

So, I’ve run into the thread that spawned the whole death ray thing, but as relatively recent arrival, can anyone direct me towards the origins of the whole “Hi, Opal!” and “I burning your dog” jokes that show up so often? Oh, and “When come back, bring pie.”

Or just, you know, relate the stories if you can’t find the original threads.

If you run Weebl and Bob through a search engine, you’ll get some strange and disturbingly humorous flash animation…about pie.

Our dear OpalCat is one of the pioneers of the SDMB. She also has a very impressive website. Webcams, t-shirts, BBQ gatherings, lacemaking, the whole twenty-seven feet.

Once upon a time, I’m told, somebody made a list with only two items. Opal, I’m told, indignately pointed out that a list must have at least three items. Soon after, every short list had, as item #3, “Hi, Opal!” The most charming traditions have the strangest origins.

Indignantly, dang it. Indignantly. :smack:

One of the loonies that blow through here every now and then started a thread called “I Burning Your Dog.” ThaiDog was his name, maybe? I forget.

Charming? I’d have said “grating” or perhaps “obnoxious” It was funny once, but after 27.9 gajillion repetions…


I burning your dog


I dunno. I don’t do it, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It is uniquely ours and I find it harmless.

Having said that, I guess I find “Batman, if prepared” annoying. And references to 1920 death rays. So I guess I take your point.

Well, movies, too, can have “running gags” that get overused. Comic timing is a fine-tuned thing.

I’ve seen this one a couple of times recently and am hoping it will catch on:
Perview is your friend.


ah, shit…

And a new one I particularly dete

Yes, I hate incomplete posts, too.

They make me crazy!!!

So crazy that I wanna take a 1920’s Style Death Rays and

Who is Batman and why is he prepared?

“How is the chicken prepared?” I asked, pointing to the menu.
“Prepared?” said the waiter, “Well, we let him know he’s going to die.”

Does this mean that Bat-Chicken always wins, if he’s prepared?
:wink: :smiley:

It stems from the fact that the 1960s style “Batman” didn’t have any super powers, but with a little preparation, he would always be able to beat his foe. So, of course, in any face off one could conceive, Batman will always win, if prepared.

I think its genesis was in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” wherein he kicked Superman’s ass with his meticulous planning, not in the hokey 60s sitcom.

  1. When come back, burn dog.
  2. Perview is your friend.
  3. Hi Opal!

Quite possibly one of the greatest threads ever.