I called MARY the Anal Web Site Girl

It’s a rather large file…7.37megs. That’s after MP3ing it.
I left a msg on her machine. I think I summed up our thoughts of her quite nicely.
If you’re high speed or if you can spare a few minutes, download it from my clips page…


Click on Morning Show Clips…and the file is called mary.wav

Three things:

  1. That was way to short to be such a huge download… You should save it with less quality. It’s only words anyway.

  2. How about the website that this person has so I can see what you’re talking about?

  3. You never said you were in radio!! I am in radio promotions… Where you work? What format?

Yer pal,
Satan - Commissioner, The Teeming Minions

Six months, one day, 15 hours, 40 minutes and 19 seconds.
7386 cigarettes not smoked, saving $923.26.
Extra life with Drain Bead: 3 weeks, 4 days, 15 hours, 30 minutes.

So…did you put it on the air?

It also wouldn’t work for me…what did it say?

I couldn’t get it to download either, do you have a transcript? Poor crazy lady, I hope you weren’t too hard on her, she probably needs medication or something.

For anyone wondering who Mary is, check out this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?postid=800028#post800028

I request a transcript, too. Way slow connection here.

Zippy fast connection here, but I can’t get to it, either.

For those interested in a transcription, it basically boils down to this:

<ring, ring>
<answering machine picks up>
This person basically says not to leave a message, but instead to call back until she answers. She indicates that if it’s night time, she’s gone to bed, and if it’s morning, she hasn’t gotten up yet.
A person, I can only assume Jimmy Nipples, who, BTW, has a great voice, basically asks her if she’s for real.

That’s about it. It’s only 47 seconds long.

because that file is way too big modem users I took the liberty of making a low-quality version that is only 342k and posting it here

Now THAT is fucking hysterical! I saved it…it’s one of the funniest clips I’ve heard of!
BTW-Jimmy-play it on your radio show…you do SOUND like a DJ!

You guys never heard of compression? I did not want to download the original but I compressed the low quality version here 86 KB. The quality is low because of the original I used.

Great voice! I’m envious.
Is that your radio voice or do you always sound like that?

Are you sure you mp3’d it? Shouldn’t the file be mary.mp3 instead of .wav? I mp3’d it and it was less than 600K.

I officially have too much time on my hands. :slight_smile:

Thanks mblackwell. 7megs?

Pity she wasn’t in. Great DJ voice Jimmy :smiley:

Nips, fellow Nutmegger, c’mon you never answered in the “Are you a regular?” thread, whats your time slot?

Wow, Nips, kinda creepy of you. Funny, too.

I love it.
I think a female Doper should call next (I’m too chickenshit), and say, “Hey baby, are you into chicks?”
Or something really skeevy, in a Butthead type voice…

Oh that voice!
Jimmy-baby! squish

Definitely a gorgeous voice! So, if I put a mad ad. on that site, would Jimmy N. ring me too?

JimmyNipples: If you can sing, I’m in love.

I can’t download this at work.

But I called her, too and left no message. She wouldn’t be interested in a chick anyway.

Could you post a thread next time you call and you actually get an answer from her?

I would give lots of kisses if you do.

And a transcript because I couldn’t listen at work.