I Came Up With It Myself. No. REALLY!

Ever come up with a line so awesomely perfect for the moment that everyone is convinced you ripped it off from someone else?

This afternoon at work my boss and I were trying to figure out some stupid problem with our web site. In frustration I said “Technology isn’t just a bitch. It’s wearing thigh-high boots and carrying a whip.”

She loved the comment. She’s also convinced I couldn’t have come up with it spontaneously.

What have you said that you’ve been unjustly denied credit for?

Can’t think of anything, sorry, but that’s one heck of a good line.

This might be a little convoluted for youse, but here in Australia, fireworks are only able to be sold legally in the Australian Capital Territory, aka Canberra.

Now the ACT (Canberra) is also home to our Federal Parliament, with 128 sitting Members of Parliament, and half the number again of our esteemed upper house Senators.

For some reason a cuppla or so years ago (I forget now the context), I came up with the line, “You should never trust a polly with a cracker”. Everyone groaned appropriately.

Meh…it was funny at the time. :rolleyes:


Excellent line, kunilou!

My moment like that was when I was watching Vertigo with my sister: “Hitchcock – his pace was as glacial as his blondes.”

Oh, now here you’ve triggered a bitter memory. I was in grade school. Maybe grade 4 or 5. I wrote a Christmas poem. Teacher thought it was so awesome that I should read it over the PA system as part of the morning announcements and such. I did. Arrived back in class thinking I might get a kudo or two (I was pretty shy - a kind word from a peer might’ve been nice). Instead, I was met with skepticism. My classmates said it was so good I had to have plagiarized it (I was a ‘smart kid’ so had long before learned to hide my light under a bushel). Nobody would believe it was my own work.

That was the end of my writing career. I used to love to write and got good marks in writing but figured it was pointless to do if it couldn’t be appreciated.

No- can’t relate. All my best lines are stolen (usually from someone on the this site).

You’ve heard of Mind Mapping? It just seemed like a completely natural way to organise ideas to me (I didn’t call it ‘Mind Mapping’ - I didn’t really call it anything - I just did it). Then one day, I read an inflight magazine and there was an article about it.

Of course I don’t deserve any credit for this, as I wasn’t anywhere near the first person to start using it, but I just wish I didn’t have to keep explaining to people that it isn’t some gimmicky fad I picked up at some seminar - it’s just the way I work.

Ha!, yes, but you’re here now, and where are they? Dead under your patio, that’s where! So you see it all works out for the best.

There’s probably a Guy Fawkes angle there too :).

BTW you can also buy fireworks in the Northern Territory.

Shhh! I’ve been explaining the lumpy masonry as an issue caused by tree roots from a now-removed tree. You’re blowing my cover :eek:

I considered my dog to be very smart. I used to tell people, “The only thing he can’t do is play poker. Everytime he gets a good hand he wags his tail.”

Anyone could have easily come up with a line like that but when I started saying it it was an original from my musings. A few years later I saw it on the internet. I’ve always wondered if it’s roots go back to me.

My brother’s moment of shining wit:

Coworker: [Lame joke] - no pun intended!

Brother: None taken.

A few years ago I was on vacation with my wife & kids, as well as my parents, siblings, and their kids. Big group. A day or so before it started my kids came down with colds, but the deposit was non-refundable, so we went anyway. By the end of the week, most of the other kids had started sniffling, sneezing and hacking up phlegm- no doubt caused by exposure to my sick kids.

My parents, siblings and I were discussing what a shame it was that we caused everyone in the house to get sick, and without any real forethought, I uttered “vini, vidi, virus- we came, we saw, we infected”. It pretty much brought down the house, and I think everyone thought I was waiting all week for just the right moment to say it. But when I started with “vini”, I really didn’t know where I was going with it. It evolved as it was coming out of my mouth.

“Do unto others and they will do unto you” _ That was mine, spontaneouslike but I may have heard it somewhere first and forgotted.

There is nothing to fear but bad potato salad. Some asshole stole that line from me, then he bastardized the second half of it.
Frickin’ klepto-polio freak.

I am so totally going to steal this line.

Probably not original to me but I haven’t heard it anywhere else yet.

Upon correctly predicting that something would happen or recounting the story of such, I’ve been known to say:

“Yeah, I have ESP-N; I’m especially good at predicting the outcome of sporting events.”

Strange, no one has ever actually laughed when I said it.

I came up with this one spontaneously last night:

“I wish he had two faces just so I could punch both of them.”

My brother who was with me thought it was pretty funny.

I’ve said that one before.

Did anyone laught?


Do you live in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn and hang out at the tennis courts in Lincoln Terrace Park? :smiley: