I can skew my cable!

Wow, I impressed myself by not only self-installing a Dishnetwork system this weekend, but I did so without damaging my house or electrocuting myself. I consider this an amazing feat. Time to go watch one of 150 channels. Productivity? No sirree, I’ve got movies to watch.

Millo, I wonder if its possible for you to create a thread without a double entendre in the title…

or even Mullo, as I originally intended.

I’m going to drink coffee.

Most of my threads are hurting when it comes to entertaining content, so I figure I ought to at least come up with a title that will stir up some interest.

I’ve got DirectTV, and I can’t believe you can get bored with 100+ channels, but you can. :slight_smile:


Are you talking one of the new 500-types? Whew! I am impressed! After installing two of the old kind (ok, I move a lot), I finally broke down and had the install guy come out for this one (direction and declination I can deal with, skew is just plain wierd). Funny thing about 150 channels though, I predict that within a month or so, you’ll watch (on a regular basis) at most 3. However, you’ll still keep all the others “just in case”.