I can smell her

Last week I told my wife that her period would be here in a few of days. She gave me a very funny look. She gave me a funnier look 2 days later when I was proved right. My little secret is that her breath changes in exactly the same way every month. It gets this metallic edge to it. I’ve begun to notice it with my 10-yr-old daughter. Her periods have not started yet, but I’m convinced it’s coming really soon. I think my nose is overly sensitive. I am very conscious of body odors. I worked closely with a guy who wore the same suit for months on end without cleaning it. I ended up sending him an anonymous interoffice note with a suggestion of two. I was the office hero for a while. And let’s not talk about the time I was traumatized by the smell of cooking cabbage when I was a kid…

Scarred, I find that fascinating (no sarcasm intended). I’ve always heard about the different pheremones that are released when a woman is on her period. It’s interesting that you can detect them (if that’s what you’re detecting).


I’ve noticed the same thing about myself and my SO says he notices it as well. But it’s not my breath. My natural feminine scent becomes a little more musky a few days prior. It’s a handy thing to know.


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And as to the OP, my ex SO was always surprised I could tell when her period was due. It wasn’t smell, as a smoker I have definitely weakened my sense of smell. I still can’t pin down quite what it was though.

[slight hijack]Oversensitive Sniffer checking in…though this doesn’t all necessarily relate to the OP exactly, I thought I’d share…

Everyone–my mother and husband included–always thought I was crazy because I’d walk around saying, “Do you smell that?” or “Gee, something smells bad (burning, moldy, etc.)” until my husband read a book that talked about people with oversensitive noses. For example, I can tell when milk is going bad well before anyone else.

I’ve begun to wonder if it will eventually drive me insane and put me in seclusion because sometimes it’s such an overwhelming problem when the aromatic input is bad. For instance, yesterday on the Metro the man in the seat in front of me had halitosis…it was driving me crazy, and I couldn’t stop myself from smelling it without really obvious and deliberate mouth-breathing, which compared to the alternative of switching seats or standing seemed the least problematic yesterday (sometimes it’s impossible to switch seats and you risk even worse…odors). Some people’s perfume or body odors–especially when they’ve been smoking or drinking in recent hours–can make me physically ill.

It used to be less of a problem and more of a benefit, like when I could walk into a building and know by the cologne lingering in the air who of my friends was already there before, but it’s gotten more annoying than helpful over the years. A lot of the time I can’t wear perfume because after an hour or two, it makes me sick.

Relating more to the OP, I have noticed that as my hormone levels increase during the month, I notice the smells of cat food and other meat products a lot more; cat food being the only meat in our home, the latter is noticed at places outside our apt. They can become almost overwhelming and quite nauseating to me (last month someone in the building made I think it was pork chops around that time and I had to go in the bedroom and laydown to minimize the sensation that I was going hurl). The stronger the smell to me, the closer my…

I can also observe aromatic changes in my hubby when his moods change–usually negative feelings; i.e. when he’s upset or stressed about something I can almost always “tell by the smell” (it’s not a perspiration smell either from stress, it’s just a change–something’s different) before he says something though I doubt most people would even notice it.

This is so interesting.

When I lived in a dorm with three other women - we would begin the fall semester with different period scheldules (after having lived apart over the summer). Within months though - we would all be within a few days of each other. The nose knows - so to speak. :slight_smile:

I’m convinced that everything is connected. It would be interesting to know exactly what effect the “metallic” breath has on your hormones Scarred.
Just a thought…

Callie’s phenomenon is called “synchronized menstruation” and is fairly well-known. The best theories are that it is induced by pheromones and induced by other factors, including stress. I once read an account of female Peace Corps volunteers trapped by the Liberian civil war in a U.S. consulate, the author complaining that in the middle of the confusion and violence all of the young women were inconvenienced by having periods simultaneously.

I have the opposite of an oversensetive sniffer. In fact, my sense of smell hardly works at all. For me to detect an odor, its got to stink so bad that anyone else would have to evacuate the premises.

I consider it to be mostly a good thing.