This is really weird/gross but felt compelled to share (warning TMI)

Okay, when I get around the time of my menstrual period my nose becomes super sensitive to things. I know long before my body tells me that I am about to have that dreaded monthly hell. Even as a smoker my schnoz is able to pick up on many scents that the average person can’t pick out, strong scents to me mean nothing to anyone else I know.

Okay here it goes:

We all poop, there’s even a kids book called Everybody Poops so if they can divulge to children that everyone poops and that it is a natural process then I can, as an adult impart to you my latest poo experience. < giggling >

I am sitting there on the pot(I can’t believe I am actually going to tell you this) and while pooing the combination of the perfume I was wearing and the unappealing aroma of what was being expelled combined to have this cigar smell. Seriously, it was like a cigar. Does that tell me something.

Now is that wierd or WHAT?

I had beans for dinner last night, an Egg McMuffin this morning and my perfume smells of Freesia. So that’s what a cigar is made of!

< I have truly lost it now!!! >

::says “whoa…”, looks around, bewildered, and emotionlessly exits the room…::

techchick, you are definitely not alone on the smell-sensitivity-at-PMS-time thing. I swear, sometimes during PMS, I can smell the rings of Saturn. Like to drive me crazy, it does. Can’t really comment on the cigar smell thing–I don’t wear freesia. :smiley:

TMI: There’s also a book called, IIRC, Everybody Passes Gas. Just thought I’d share.

I can smell like that all the time. I can smell pills on somoene if they’re just standing about 4 feet away from me.

It boggles the mind.

I really can’t relate to the sensitive nose thing, but my mother used to get nosebleeds every month during her period. She went to her doctor, who sent her to an ear, nose and throat doctor. The doctor stuck this scope up her nose and said he could see what looked like polyps. He removed the biggest one and biopsied it. If you haven’t guessed yet, the polyp was made up of endometrial tissue. She had endometriosis that had traveled all the way up into her sinuses! She eventually ended up having exploratory surgery done on her stomach for unexplained stomach pain and found endometrial tissue lining the outside of her colon and even found pieces of it attached to the outside lining of her lungs.

Okay, that was entirely TMI. But it isn’t about me, so does it really count? :slight_smile:

How much do you smoke? How much did you smoke last night? I’m not a big smoker. But when I go out, I will occassionally smoke way too much. The next day, my poo will sometimes smell like tobaccy.

I don’t know, but I think the more appropriate question would be WHAT are you smoking???

:eek: Oh, my! Figures you would think of that, honey! :wink: :smiley:

<Hi, techie, haven’t talked to you in a while, how ya doin’?>

“This is really weird/gross but felt compelled to share . . .”

To quote Greta Gabro in Ninotchka: “Suppress it.”

What is endometrial tissue?
By the way techchick, this thread is gross.

I have always held the belief that cigars smell good until you light them. Then they smell like burning poo. Thanks for the validation.

I know, I shouldn’t have shared but I did < giggle >

Today my nose is so stuffed up I can’t smell much of anything. My cramps are getting almost to killer proportions and my eyes are a puffy from crying about my poor grandmother.

Is that better?

< what a fine day! >

Tech, honey, 1 word: Anaprox. (Naproxyn Sodium)

This stuff RULES!!! When I conquer the world, the scientist that discovered/made Anaprox will be my Prime Minister.

Seriously, I used to have the kind of cramps that made you throw up (and this even on the Pill) until the dentist I worked for told me to grab a couple from the back. They are manna from God, ambrosia from Olympus and boy do they work! Seriously, give them a try. It beats Advil and Tylenol by a 10 to the x power!

Okay, when a woman has her period every month, it is not just made up of blood. Endometrial tissue builds up in the uterus every month in preparation for conception. When conception doesn’t take place, the body expels it along with the blood that suffuses it. Some women have a condition called “endometriosis”, where this endometrial tissue somehow gets out of the uterus through the Fallopian tubes and attaches itself to whatever organ is convenient, usually the large colon or sometimes the urinary bladder. This tissue ends up causing adhesions and scar tissue on whatever organ it attaches to, causing a significant amount of pain for some women.

I once saw a woman that could put a lit cigarette in her vagina and use her “muscles” to take a deep drag and then puff out smoke via 'da poon.

Never saw a woman with a cigar in her ass though.
I don’t know if that was relevant to the discussion or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

The hormonal changes can change the sensitivity of your nose, or even cause you to smell stuff that isn’t there. Zinc works well on nasal hallucinations. However, this isn’t what’s happening! Extracts of tobacco are OFTEN used in perfumes (Drakkar Noir is primarily a tobacco scent after the initial sweetness has worn off)–you obviously have taste enough to buy the more sophisticated scents that use them. The crap has nothing to do with it, probably, but you are in a small room where your perfume’s afterscent is being concentrated. Now, please develop the sophisticated taste required to never ask this sort of question again!

I was always of the opinion that cigars stunk like shit, and now I know why…

At least you didn’t masturbate with toothpaste.

This is the biggest bunch of TMI Silo has ever seen! :smiley: