I can speak cat.

Pretty pointless I know, but…

I have had a feral cat living under the sink in the bathroom cupboards for a few months (long story). Everytime I go in there he hisses at me.

This morning I went in, I was standing there brushing my hair, and like every morning he was hissing at me from his hiding spot.

So this morning I meowed at him.

He stopped hissing, and stuck his head out the door.


Meroow I answered.

Now if I go in there he comes running out meowing at me, and I have to pat him.

I wonder what I said?

Damn it! He’s on to us!
Must kill him.

I want to hear this story about the feral cat living under your sink.

Me too.

Me three.

I can speak cat too.

::expression combo of disdain and indifference::

Me four.

I’m intrigued to learn if you speak the same dialect of cat that I do.

I can scare the patooties out of my cats when I make cat-fight yowls at them.

They don’t like it when I whistle, either.

Me five. Actually, I’m bilingual. I can speak cat and dog. :slight_smile:

According to my cat-human dictionary, the translation of your conversation is thus:

Magayuk: “You know, hiding under the bathroom sink is for pussies.”

Feral Cat: “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Why don’t you go fetch me some food, slave?”

Magayuk (looking at hairbrush): “This isn’t the droid I’m looking for. I believe I’ll go fetch some food.”
Nice knowin’ ya, Magayuk.

Me six.

C’mon Magayuk, out with it!

I desire the tale of the feline tail.

Arroit! Varlet! (That’s you, Magayuk!)
Tell thy tale.

I’ve been reading “Thor”…

Well, hell, I speak cat too.

It’s just that when I speak their language they pretend not to understand me.

Not unlike the French.

Come on!! Story Story Story!!! It isn’t everyday that we meet someone that keeps a feral cat under their bathroom sink.


Tell us of your rabid room-mate!

Just to add to the pile on, I’d like to hear how that cat was living feral in your cupboard for so long without you flipping out eventually…


Never mind.

That is so cool. I wanna hear the story, too.

Someone email Magayuk and tell him/her to return to this thread! I must hear this story!

I sure wish I could get some feral cats for the bathroom. The decor in there is simply lacking.

I wanna hear too! My cats can actually speak English. As a matter of fact just last night Spook said…oh…wait…that wasn’t the cat…damn…let it slip…