I can't be bought that easily, Mister!

A laboratory equipment vendor is visiting the lab today in connection with a trial of a new procedure. They’re paying for a pizza and salad lunch for staffers.

Fools - to think my loyalty could be purchased for that.

It’d take good barbecue at the very least.

You may not be amenable to purchase, but could you be rented for a bit?

Pizza and salad seems like kind of an odd combination.

Myself, I’m kind of used to pizza, since it’s one of the cheapest foods on campus. ($4.30 for a 16" cheese pizza? Yes, please.)

Pfft. Food. The local office of Fisher Scientific was wise enough to send a hot, hot, chick as their rep. I think VWR’s sales doubled after she quit.

My last two orders to Thorlabs (a supplier of optical equipment) came with red boxes of LabSnacks: A Treat for Humans, It’s got granola bars, random candy, and the like in it.