I can't believe Microsoft did this!

Today I looked at my taskbar and saw the Microsoft Defender logo with a little exclamation point. When I clicked on it, it told me that there was a newer version available for download. OK, I’ll download the new version.

This is where it gets bizarre! There was an instruction page for the download, complete with screen shots showing how to respond when the browser prompts appear, etc. The screen shots were from Firefox! I’m assuming that the web page discovered I was using Firefox and displayed the appropriate page, which is always a nice touch, but from Microsoft? :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused:

I thought MS would be so self-centric that they would refuse to acknowledge even the existence of other browsers besides IE.

Microsoft have improved a lot lately.

It’s in their best interests to be the one you turn to to update non-Microsoft applications.

It’s also in their best interests to provide you with an update process that works.

I hear they’re still working on that second one… so, how’d it go?

Damn, I came here looking for a rant. :stuck_out_tongue:

The installation went OK, but the icon still hasn’t disappeared from the taskbar.