I can't change my light bulb

Seriously, I can’t do it this time. I can’t get the glass globe off to get to the light bulb. Here’s the best picture I could find on the web of the fixture we’re dealing with:


Except there’s no screw to loosen. Not in the glass part and not in the metal ring above it.

I’ve tried turning both the ring and the globe in both directions. But I’ve mainly tried turning the globe counter-clockwise. And my teenage son, who lifts weights, has also given it a try a few times but he can’t make it budge.

My best guess is that the last person to change a bulb, probably one of the handymen who has been in and out of the house this year, just got a little carried away in screwing it in, and it just got stuck.

Oh, also, I visited the local hardware store and they sold me a suction cup which they promised would hold the globe while I turned it. It didn’t work out.

We haven’t tried a lubricant. Is that worth a shot? Any other ideas? Thanks.

Unscrew that little knob that would be a nipple if the lamp were a breast. Be prepared to hold onto the glass globe as soon as the screw gets loose.

Try twisting the nipple.
It usually screws onto a rod that goes through a hole in the glass and up to the fixture base.

No, as I said there is no screw in mine, none. No nipple to loosen.

Your OP says you’re trying to loosen the ring at the ceiling or the glass globe. The responses are suggesting that you try to turn the “nipple” portion of the fixture which would be at the very bottom of the glass globe…the part nearest the floor so to speak.

I think you may be misunderstanding. If your light is like the one in the photo the decorative metal cone (nipple) at the bottom of the light actually unscrews, Try turning it counter clockwise.

Does the light look something like this? Not that I have any idea how to change the bulb. I’m just trying to help clarify things.

on the photo you posted it seems to unscrew the nipple counterclockwise, the areola is a ring that would freely spin with no effect.

other similar globe and base would have a nipple and areola that would unscrew a larger trim piece hiding a small hex nut that would need to be unscrewed.

do keep a steady hand on the glass the whole time. easy if you hold it tight to the fixture. unscrew the nut (nipple) with one hand and put that in your pocket. then take your now empty free hand up to the glass and take down. it can be a bit awkward but just keep a firm hand on things.

I have a light like that. I haven’t had to change the bulb yet, but since I’m posting here I’ll bet I’ll have to soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve looked at the fixture, and I don’t see any way to open it. I’m assuming the bezel is holding it all together, and I reckon I’ll find out eventually.

If that’s what the OP has, I’ll be following this thread.

My house has the exact fixtures pictured in the article. What’s ironic is that I never thought of them as a breast, but I’m not sure I’ll see them the same way again.

In any event, the first couple of posters are exactly right. The part to turn is the tiny round ball at the bottom. It has threads on the inside and is screwed onto a rod that goes up into the ceiling. As others have warned, you need to keep a hand on the glass part because it will fall as soon as you unscrew the ball.

I’ll be following this thread too, but mainly to find out the answer to the eternal question, “How many Dopers does it take to change a light bulb?” :smiley:

I have a fixture like that as well. The globe is held onto a lip with thin metal tabs which snap into place. Very easy to remove and put back.

The rest of the fixtures in my house are the breast type. The other posters are right, you have to unscrew the nipple. It might take some effort if it’s rusty.

ETA: If there’s a ring above the nipple part, it’s just a decorative washer that holds the globe in place. Turning it won’t do anything – the rod is threaded through the bottom-most part.

The description below the photo says the light has a twist-lock shade for easy bulb replacement. Based on that I assume that you simply turn the shade a short way and it drops out.

OK, I’ve checked the kitchen light. The metal ring doesn’t turn for me. Or it didn’t; I did manage to get the entire fixture to turn a few degrees. But if it’s a ‘twist-lock’ it’s not working for me. Also there is no place on the globe to get a grip, such that it can be popped out.

Did you try twisting the globe itself? I know you said there’s no place to get a grip, but I’m thinking that maybe it just lifts up before turning or that maybe finger pressure is all that would be required to turn it.

The fixture with the glove and the screw out appears in Step 14 here:

[noparse]http://www .ezdiyelectricity.com/?p=470[/noparse] <----------Linked site may attempt to install malware on your system.
The “nipple” bit screws to the rod.

Uh-oh, doesn’t look good. Here’s what an owner had to say in the review section of the Home Depot link:

*“I wanted to put in a brighter bulb because the room wasn’t bright enough with the bulb I had. The white shade part did not twist off as indicated, I had to keep playing with it until the glass actually broke in my hand!
It was impossible to get the shade off. Now I am stuck and have to purchase a new celiing light. Buyer beware.” *

Perhaps a trip to Home Depot or perhaps Lowe’s would be in order to check out how the globe is supposed to come off.

Exactly like that

From the picture it’s clear that the “nipple” (i.e., the little metal bit on the bottom of the shade) needs to be unscrewed. Have you tried that yet?

ETA: never mind. The picture above is not the same as you posted originally.

Have you tried just pulling the globe straight down? No turning or screwing.
I have a few fixtures where the globe is held in place by flexible clips. You just pull the globe off and push it back on where in snaps into place.