I can't decide on a major. Again.

Well, I’m going back to school. And I can’t decide on a major. I’m going to choose between Business and Education, but I can’t seem to decide. I know it doesn’t just et out my life course or anthing, but I’m looking at two good programs and both have lots of opportunities. I can make a decent amount of money doing either, but I bet a business/logistics degree could get me a lot more (especially as I have a relative working at Alcoa). But I wouldn’t mind education at all, and it may have better benefits and a more relaxed environment.

Plus, I love sharing knowledge. Being inspired and sharing that love of elarning is something I really want. But I could get burned out doing it - many of the teachers I had were just going through the motions. Then again, logistics might not exactly be the most interesting field itself. Marketing might be more my speed, but there are so many people taking marketing, it’s like wading through a sea of clones to get the jobs. Maybe I should actually take some film school classes with marketing to give myself an edge in the advertising biz?

Jeez. So many options. That’s always been my problem. I have so many possibilities I can’t hardly decide. :smiley:

Education isn’t a real subject.

Sounds to me that you would enjoy majoring in Philosophy. You love sharing knowlege? You’ll love philosophy. I’ll use one example from another Board. What is the intention or meaning of a certain advertisement? How would we know?

I suggest majoring in Business and Advertising, and minoring in Philosophy. Learn what to think in business (productivity, efficiency, consumer appeal, business models, ect) and learn *how to think * in philosophy.

I enjoyed studying philosophies. However, I already have a not-very-marketable degree, and I did less well simply ecause I liked to argue with the professors. Some of them were the “I know everything, ignore the fundemental definitions” types. It was fun, but I don’t think I want to have a gob of mroe classes in it.

I need to decide soon. Heh.

Are you interested in doing elementary or secondary education, smiling bandit? If secondary education, what subject would you want to teach?

For me personally, education would be a much more fulfilling path. The pay’s less, but at the end of the day, you’ll know you’re at least trying to do some good in the world. I also think that kids would benefit from having more male teachers. There are so many boys and girls who desperately need real-life male role models.

Don’t put too much stock in it. Your major doesn’t necessarily decide what field you’re going into. Major in whatever courses interest you the most.

You can do teaching with a business degree, or with any degree for that matter. Talk to an advisor about getting Certification while you’re in school.

Have you thought about doing some volunteer work in a school, to see if you like the environment? Likewise, there must be some business student orgs at your university, go to meetings, listen to the company speakers, see if it interests you. Can your relative set up an informational interview for you? Its normal that you’re undecided, just keep doing your research and you’ll narrow it down.

Teaching can be a difficult path. In public schools, your entire existance can hang on the whims of a handful of entry level politicians, the school board. At least once a year, they can decide if your job still exists, whether they’ll fund your pension, if you’ll have any supplies money, and whether you’ll have to teach creationism.

Then there’s philosophy. Like History, you’ll end up in a job that has nothing to do with your field of study.

I have worked for mulitnational corporations, and I have taught in school classrooms.

You clearly have not done the latter.

education is a relaxing environment? maybe your summers if you decide you can afford not to do summer school or a second job during the summer. Many teachers choose that option (including both the teachers in my family, neither of whom would characterize teaching as “relaxing.”) You have a very rosy view of education. I suggest substitute teaching in a local school district for several months before deciding on education as a career.