I can't get that song out of my head! AAAAHHH!!

All day long, I have had “Georgy Girl” going on a perpetual loop tape in my head! I even normally like the song, but after the umpteenth time I’ve heard (imagined hearing, course) the Seekers singing “Heyyyyyy therrrrrrre…Georgy Girl!” I wanted to scream. Hoping to get it out of my head, I turn on the office radio. The office radio is generally kept on the ‘oldies/light rock/pop’ station, and about ten minutes on, wouldn’t you know what song comes on? Ahhhhh!!!
What’s running through your mind right now?

Recently, on PBS, I watched “Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence.” It’s a short film about ferret-lovers. Throughout the film, a pleasant redheaded woman named Barb Carlson, who is holding a large cream-colored ferret, sings a filk-type song about a mischievous ferret: “Ferret, oh, ferret, gatherer of stuff, ferret, my ferret, when will you have enough?”

That ferschlugginer song is stuck in my head, and I fear that it won’t come out until I send a ferret in after it.

Dit dit dii di
Dit da dii di
Dit dit dit dit dit da dii di

I learned about this cure on this very board.

I had a horrible song stuck in my head. For three days!

Find your old game boy, set one of those tunes, and play a few games.

It works, really.

Da, da, DAAAAA
DAAAAAA da da.

Click on the icon, listen to this and you’ll never complain about another song. Ever.

I watched Oliver! a week ago, and that damned maddeningly catchy march, “Cheerio and be back soon” is stuck. the. hell. in. my. head. It’s like hiccups: after a couple of days it’s seemingly gone, but the next day bam! it’s lodged in there again. I’m aggressively humming Rossini overtures and Broadway tunes, anything catchy or bombastic, to drive it out. Nothing’s working.

Here you go. If ever you need an earworm replaced, these will do:

Ultimate Showdown
Kitty Cat Dance

You’re [del]doomed[/del] welcome.

That has to be the single worse “song” I have ever heard. Aargh, my ears are bleeding! Tuneless (and yet still managing to be consistently out of tune), with accompaniment that sounds like a band of 3-year-olds were playing. What on earth is that supposed to be? :confused:

I was picking up 16 banker boxes from another work location, and the feat of fitting them all into my little Honda Civic hatchback made one co-worker comment that it was like watching Tetris.

Naturally, the little electronic/Russian tetris music that was a ubiquitous part of my college years (and which I hadn’t thought of in ages) came rushing back, and I couldn’t get that earworm out of my head for hours.

Grrrrrrr. :mad:

Hey there, Georgy Girl,
there’s another Georgy deep inside!


Could be worse. I’ve had the Gamera song (as done by Joel and the bots) stuck in my head from time to time these last three days. That is probably what I get for watching all the Gamera MST3K episodes over the last few days.

Ievan Polkka.

Love it. Live it. Clean your bathroom to it. Thank me later.

I watched Dawn of the Dead over the weekend, so my earworm is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – not Bobby Ferrin’s version but the one you hear in shopping malls.

I’ve had an 80’s and Go-go’s theme today - both Belinda Carlisle’s “Mad About You,” and was it the Go-go’s, or Belinda solo - “Head Over Heels.”

Then my work here is done.

Here, this should make it all better.

Well now it’s Hey there, Georgy Girl. Thank you very much!

Not so much a song as a mysterious ticking.

Whenever I get a song stuck in my head, I always just start humming my Song-breaker- a Tune so catchy to me that it could endlessly be stuck in my head and destroys all other annoying songs: Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. (The Da Da Daaaa’s above might have referenced it, but I usually don’t have that last line being Daaaa Da Da - i only have Da da, without the extra Daaaa. As its 3 notes, 4 notes, 5 notes, not 6)