I can't let today pass without saying something

Whenever I overhear conversations concerning the foolishness of becoming involved with someone on line, of the ‘like you don’t even really know the person’ variety.

I think quietly to myself. Yeah, I used to think that, then I met Wally. He meant something to me, and I never actually met the man.

Deep inside a little tiny part of me dared to believe that maybe the internet really can change the world. Because it changed what I thought was possible, in a way I’d never imagined.

Wally we miss you buddy.

Happy Birthday Wally!

I’ll raise a pint to the greatest guy I never knew.

Happy b-day Wally. I know you are having fun with whatever you are doin’, and telling everyone in that special place in the sky as funny, or even funnier stories as you did us. we love you Wally. Happy Valentines day also.

P.S. Coldy… I’ll be he was with you when you toasted. Wondering why the Hell everyone’s making such a big deal over him :slight_smile:

Good for you, Coldy, for posting the thread. Perfectly appropriate to remember Wally’s birthday because his life was sure worth celebrating.

Here’s another glass raised in honor of Wally. No tequila in the house, pal, but I opened a bottle of wine for the toast. (Yeah, it’s wimpy but at least it isn’t watery American beer.)

Thanks for all the great times and great memories, my friend.


Wow. Had no idea about his birthday.

A great guy. One of the funniest I ever “knew.”

Makes me proud to have been here long enough to have enjoyed discourse with him, something several thousand people who now enjoy these boards will never fully understand.

You are still missed, Wally.

As usual, I miss out on everything until it’s too late. However, I’m sure Wally would forgive that.

Since I’m at work, I have no tequila to toast him with but I’ll raise a glass of something to one of the craziest, sweetest people I’ve ever been honored enough to come into contact with.

Miss you!

Coldfire the exact same thing happened to me. I don’t have the heart to take his name off my ICQ list either.
I guess it never stops hurting.

although 55 minutes late, I just raised a bottle of Wild Irish Rose wine to my mouth and took a big swig. Here’s to you, Wally…

(36 Proof)

raises her glass of Long Island Iced Tea

Here’s to you, Wally.

Belated birthday cheers, Wally!

(Thanks for the reminder, Coldfire.)

Happy Birthday, Wally.

I’d say more, but then I’d start getting sappy, and he wouldn’t like that.

Go neirí an Bothar leat, Wally, mo Chairde! :wally

I’m sending my love to everybody who loved Wally and whom Wally loved. I never really knew him, but in a crazy mixed up way, he will always be a part of my life (some of you understand what I mean by this).

Here’s to you Wally, you are truly one of a kind.

Ditto from me.

When I first joined the SDMB and saw this – :wally – defined as “wally”, I was surprised to see such a quintessentially British term used on a US-based board. You see, my little [UK published] Oxford Dictionary of Common Usage has the following entry:

wally n. (pl. -ies) slang foolish or inept person. [origin uncertain]

Now that I know a bit more about Wally (with a capital W) and his exploits, I’m starting to wonder about that last bracket… :wink:

Here’s to ya, Wally, whoever and wherever you are.

Happy birthday, Wally.

Although I only recently joined, any newbie who has not heard of you has not been paying attention.

Gerbils, spiderwebs, nurses and barbecues.

These are among my favorite things.

I wish I’d known Wally. Oh, I know about Wally, I’ve read some of Wally’s posts, but I didn’t know him. Damn.

Nonetheless…happy (late) birthday, Wally.

I consider myself fortunate to have just started on the boards here just before Wally’s passing. The first thread I read from him was “Wally tries Cybersex” and I laughed all day when I read it. He has touched the lives of many here.

Thanks, Coldfire, for the post on this… and Happy Birthday, Wally!

Gerbils cheer.
Nurses weep.
Phone sex services make real money.

We all miss ya, guy.

Although I never interacted with Wally, I also miss him. In fact, it was his accident that prompted me to delurk. I just wish I had done it sooner.

Of course I can spell.

I also like to invent new words.

Yeah, that’s it.