I Can't Log Into Facebook.

I know the matter of malware has been addressed already on these boards. But I post this, because I assume my case is unique.

Every time I try to log into Facebook, I get a message that says I have malware on my computer, and to click on the link.

At first I thought their site was hacked, and this was just a bogus link. But this has been going on for several days now, more than enough time to fix the problem, if they had it.

I do have Trend Micro virus already. But I still get the message. And I am hesitant to click on it, still.

Well, alright, I finally got the nerve to click on it once. And I just got another link to download more software. (As I said, I already have Trend Micro.)

What should I do? BTW, I also changed my password (which I now regret–it clearly had no effect).


BTW, what would really help me now too, is an email address to Facebook support. I tried support@Facebook.com. But to no avail…

It won’t be Facebook. (OK, very very unlikely.)

No matter what, any web popup that appears telling you you have malware is itself malware. Any download will with absolute certainty infect your machine to the put that nuking it from space will be the only way to clean it up.

It is probably you already have some other issue on your computer responsible for the redirect. It is just possible there is a bad ad being served by FB, but this is less likely. Virus/malware systems are never 100% reliable, and to ensure they maintain as close to the best possible performance they must be up-to-date (they degrade very quickly as new malware is being spewed out constantly.) So ensure it is up-to-date.

Personally, I simply never use a browser without NoScript. That will catch a great deal of problems, but once something is installed it is harder to root out.

One would need to know exactly what your system is (operating system + version, browser + version) to suggest more specifics.

Download the free version of malwarebytes:

(Click on the “download” button next to the “buy” button.)
Install it and run it.

In my (limited) experience, this is usually because some malware has altered the host files and the login to (in this case FB) is being directed to a fake site… Eventually some ransomware I expect.

mbam will likely cure it.