I can't open this bottle of Lea & Perrins!


I just want some freaking worcestershire sauce for my steak! And I can’t get this stupid bottle open. My hand is all torn up from trying to get that stupid cap off.

This sucks. :frowning:

Pliers. That most simple tool. I keep one in my kitchen drawer.

Rubber gloves help too.

Run some hot water over the neck of the bottle first.

PLIERS!!! :smack:

That was easy.

Those newfangled silicone oven gloves, the ones with deep ridges on the grasping part, are excellent for removing stuck jar lids.

One tap on a bottle or jar cap should loosen the suction (or vacuum, whatever, not a physics professor here) enough to open it. Just don’t smack too hard - I use the handle of a knive from the silverware drawer. Works every time. The glove thing is good too, if you have extra rubber gloves around the house, as do we (hey, it’s a nurse thing).


Are you doing your hand exercises regularly?

There have been occasions where I’ve resorted to teeth – I recommend molars only.

Sure…just last night, in fact. :wink:

Ooooh. Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?
Man, this thread is sooooo kinky!

You forgot:

And for those larger lids…
slip-joint/groove-joint pliers.

Also known, colloquially, as “water pump pliers”. Be careful, you can exert enough pressure to crush the neck of the bottle.

Just throw it away and go out and get the new A-1 garlic steak sauce.

Great stuff.

Just call them what everyone else does…

channel lock pliers…

and yes I know it’s a brand name.

Channel-locks can solve any problem that duct tape can’t. :smiley:

Garlic A-1? Hmmmmmmmmmm…

Good stuff.

Roasted garlic at that.

Wide distribution? Did you find it at Von’s, or did you frequent some mutant continuum-traveling sauce shop?

scratches head All these helpful suggestions, and no one suggests the gadget that I’d reach for first…

The jar opener widget!

Am I the only one who uses this baby?