I can't recall the word. Book related

It’s a word for a collection of books, usually novels, under one cover.

No, not “collected works”, because that’s too complete.

Book clubs would issue them, often.

Suggestions, Bibilio-Dopers?

Omnibus? Compilation? Anthology?

Anthology was my guess. Of words not given, “digest” perhaps, like in “reader’s digest.”

collection book or anthology would be my guess.


Pretty sure “Reader’s Digest Condensed Books” is not what you’re looking for

Omnibus is my guess.

I’d use “anthology” for a volume collecting shorter works, like short stories or poetry.

Omnibus is the one I remember from the Science Fiction Book Club.

Another vote for “omnibus.”

“I took the omnibus to the library…”



Many thanks to one & all!

While looking up other options, I discovered that “garland” also used to mean “a literary anthology or miscellany” but it’s considered an archaic usage now.

And now you (and I) know.

opus…aka body of work?

“Opus” would be one work. “Oeuvre” is probably a better fit.

(Also, the plural of “opus” is “opera” which can lead to some confusion these days).

Yeah, I wondered whether @EnolaStraight might have been thinking of either “oeuvre” or “corpus.”

And, to be fair, an opus is one work, but that “work” could be a set of several pieces published together (for example, Beethoven’s Opus 18 is a set of 6 string quartets).