I can't seem to get sound out of my PC

Well, I can, just not through the speakers I want.

It’s an ex-office PC and although I see the seemingly standard three sockets at the back for mic, earphones and speakers and have plugged in my own speakers, the sound comes out of a tiny internal speaker inside the PC. I’m not sure where to go from there, what should I look for on the PC, through Windows and on the motherboard itself to investigate?

Once I could sort a PC by myself, but now I’m reduced to unplugging the internal speaker and giving a little mental “huh”, when that doesn’t help. :smack:

In the Control Panel there should be a Sounds and Audio Devices (at least, there is in my XP) which may help you.

Alternatively, if you look in the Device Manager (right click on My Computer, choose Properties/ Hardware), you might find an error (exclamation mark) next to your Audio card settings, which may need addressing.

Do you have a separate audio card in your system, or are the three sockets on the motherboard? If it’s a separate card, is there a driver installed for it?

Does the Sounds and Audio Devices control panel show more than one device? If so, have you tried selecting a different one for audio playback?

When I unplugged the internal speaker, I rebooted to see if that and some other changes had taken effect. The sound didn’t seem to be coming from the speakers I had plugged in. I booted up today before I had a chance to try the above and lo and behold it worked just fine.

But thanks for the advice :slight_smile: