I can't stop watching "The Girls Next Door"

I can’t explain it, either, but I’m completely captivated by Hefner’s crazy houseful of girlfriends and their dogs.

The lavish and/or skimpy costumes, the menagerie of pets, the emotional dramas, the surreal lifestyle: It’s just. too. much.

I feel like a deer caught in the headlights. Anyone else feel the same way? Or am I just a freak of nature?

Never seen it, never heard of it, but I had to ask; did Playboy entirely forego women without hideously dyed blonde hair? That was just awful, following the link.

Brunettes! My kingdom for brunettes!

I’m not a Playboy reader, so I couldn’t tell ya, but all his girlfriends are indeed fake blondes.

Sorry, I should have included the link.