I can't tell this on Facebook...

so I’m going to say it here. (Too many people would know who, what and why.)
My son’s a sound tech for a couple bars on the beach. Here’s how the start of St. Paddy’s Day weekend went:

owner: Can you make the band sound any better?
son: No. They suck.
owner: Then can you turn 'em down?
Though he was all frustrated I just had to laugh.
I hope the rest of the weekend goes better.

An appropriate Far Side for you.

Does anyone else remember a thread here with a story about a sound tech at a nightclub who had a “suck” button, and would threaten to use it on bands that kept playing past their scheduled time? He’d programmed his equipment to drop the lead singer’s pitch a fraction of a note so they were out of tune, and add different delays to different instruments so their timing was all out of whack, and other ingenious, insidious things. Darned if I can find that thread.

Funny! Thanks.

I opened this thread expecting another tragedy. So glad I was wrong.

Then I read it, and

this same exact thing popped into my head.

:slight_smile: I’m glad, too. Small tragedies make great comedies.
Thought: if I go around adjusting my “suck” button but leave my foil hat at home, will people know what I’m doing?

OneCentStamp’s friend John. It made this techie’s heart leap to hear of such a comeuppance.

I’ve never seen that one before.

First thing I thought of. What a great story.