I chased a robber- was that clever?

I was at a bus stop early this morning (6am) when a woman was pushed to the ground and her purse was stolen. There were four of us at the stop, I was the only guy. The robber immediately fled with the purse and I chased him. Fortunately as it turned out, I had to pause to grab my hat which was falling off and that allowed him to get a little further ahead. As I ran after him, I rounded a corner and there was car load of his gang waiting for him. He jumped in the car and they sped off, but if I had not paused for the hat I may have got him- which if his pals had come to free him may have been pretty unpleasant. To make it worse, the woman said her purse had only ten cents in cash- I could have been knifed protecting ten cents!!

It was an automatic reaction on my part to chase, but in hindsight I think it was pretty stupid. He was a lot younger than me to start with let alone his buddies. What would you do (or what have you done)?


Well, I think it’s the flight or fright thing…do I have that right? It seems to me that no one would really know what they would do in that situation until it happens. But, didn’t you see Ghost?? Seriously, no material thing is worth your life.

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If your immediate reaction was to do something that wasn’t conducive to preserving your here and now, maybe you should try to make sure you think when you may want to be impulsive.

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It’s still admirable what you did but don’t do it again :slight_smile:

i don’t run. i would have tried the old “trip 'em up” trick by tossing my back pack at his legs. at best he would be tripped up and fall. at worse i miss, but made an attempt at something.

i’m glad you weren’t hurt.

You did the right thing, and I’m glad everything worked out the way it did.