I cheated the Reaper today.

Purely through dumb luck I beat death or serious injury.

I was walking across Indiana University’s campus about 2:30 p.m. today when a thunderstorm or a tornado or a micro-burst hit Bloomington. I dashed to the safety of the Health, Physical Education & Recreation building to beat the rain and, once inside, looked back. I saw high winds blow down – where I had been walking about 20 seconds before – one small tree, about 30 feet in length; two branches from a large tree that were about as big as the downed tree; and several smaller branches from assorted trees.

An ironic note: Before leaving home this morning, I removed a large branch from the road because it nearly made traffic impassible. Since it blew down from an old tree near my yard, I felt responsible.

Ain’t spring weather great?

Armed, dangerous …
and off my medication.


Glad to hear that you made it, and are undamaged.


Thank God you’re OK! Go out and buy a lottery ticket. And don’t forget to call everyone you know and tell them you love them :slight_smile:

“If I had to live your life, I’d be begging to have someone pop out both my eyes. Just in case I came across a mirror.” - android209 (in the Pit)
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Ah, to be back home in Indiana…

Glad you’re ok, but sad for the trees though; Bloomington is pretty.

I’ve performed a complete diagnosis of your car. It’s broken.

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