"I cut my finger cleaning an onion. What do I do?"

My wife just called.

“I was cleaning an onion, and punctured my finger with the knife. I can see a vein, and it’s nicked. What do I do?”

“Wrap it up in a rag, and go to the ER.”

“I thought if I put pressure on it, it would stop. It’s been 25 minutes, and it’s still bleeding. What do I do?”

“Wrap it up in a rag, and go to the ER.” More insistant.

“But the cut is small. I don’t think they can stitch it.”

“Before I married you, I cut my finger cleaning a fish, clear to the bone. They put 2 stitches in it. Wrap. it. up. in. a. rag., and. go. to. the. ER.”

“OK, I’ll put the dog away and go…”

:rolleyes: :smack: :rolleyes: :smack: :rolleyes: :smack:

You dumbass. If you cut yourself that bad and don’t want to get it treated, why did you even bother to call?

You clean onions with a knife?

I’m with you here brother. Did she go?

Maybe she wanted you to go with her, but she felt silly asking.

And don’t call her names. We’re not all good in a crisis.

She’s on the way…

I did the same thing about five weeks ago. I was cutting a large onion, when it slipped out of my hand, and the knife sliced into my finger. It did take a couple hours for it to stop bleeding, even with constant pressure. If I had health insurance, I probably would have gone to the hospital.

Even five weeks later, it still hurts sometimes. Hope your wife is ok.

I can be a dumbass, too. I separated my shoulder in a martial arts class, but I went home to watch Lost before I went to the ER by myself to get it x-rayed and put in a sling for a couple weeks.

Wow. Same exact thing happened to me. except during the 3 hours I was waiting in the ER, the bleeding stopped. And the doc opted not to put a stitch on it.

Except, of course, it was a winter squash.

I never have a problem diagnosing another person’s need to see a doctor, but I always have a problem with my own injuries. “maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow” or “maybe it’ll stop bleeding” or “maybe I won’t be seeing double in a week”…

Both of us have enough health problems that a trip to the ER is called for, even if they don’t stitch her up. She has blood clotting problems because of medications, FWIW.

YEars ago when my son was 14 or so, he was at his dads alone for a few hours (while I was at work). Before his dad left, son asked “Dad, can I shoot my bow and arrow while you’re gone?” sure, said his dad. Did I mention he’s an “Ex” husband? this is reason # 123,124,763,384,989,192,952.

anyhow. Later, much later, son calls to find out when I’m coming to pick him up. Then mentions casually "Oh, by the way, I cut myself w/an arrow. but numbnuts (son used the guys name, I’m using his more technically accurate description) next door looked at it and said “you better keep an eye on that”.

I decided to pick him up then. NOw, this is several hours after his injury. I took one look at it, it was still bleeding, knew he needed stiches. There was a hunk of flesh the size of a quarter, missing from his leg. It wasn’t just a gash, it was a gouge.

Several stiches later (yes, it got infected of course), my son now has a manly looking scar on his leg from what we refer to as “The arrow incident”.

He had an excuse (he was a child, an adult had looked at it w/o saying ‘get thee to a doctor pronto’).

but yea, that would drive me up a tree, too. especially if she had health issues.

I’ve known women like that, who, for whatever reason, couldn’t manage to make the giant leap of “I need medical attention, perhaps I should go obtain some” w/o talking to the man in their life.

Loss of blood & shock can cause confusion.

Be kind.

VunderBob–Call your wife. NOW! Be certain she went.

She’s on the way home. No sutures, but they did cauterize the vein, update her tetanus, and give her a prescription for antibiotics for a week.

Simupost. She’s on the way home, and I don’t think she lost that much blood. It was her finger, not her jugular…

I’m glad she’s okay, but did she have to drive herself?
I sure wouldn’t want to encounter someone dizzy from blood loss (25 minutes! Sure it wasn’t her jugular but that’s a long time to bleed, right?) and only using one hand to drive while nervously checking out the bleeding finger on the other hand.

My reverse story:
When I was married I cut my thumb on a glass while washing dishes. It looked pretty bad so I called my husband at work to run me to the ER. (We only had the one car and I couldn’t go alone anyway with my toddler running around.)
“Oh I’m sure it’ll be fine; you know you tend to exaggerate things”. No, I’m terrified of hospitals and have a severe phobia related to needles. I don’t just go to the ER for a nick.
I ended up getting my grandmother to come across town to carry me in while my grandfather watched my toddler. Eight stitches later husband felt a bit sheepish and apologized, but damn, your wife calls while bleeding, don’t make light of it.
(for ex, not necessarily you)

In this case, I work a half hour away from home, so if I did go to take her, it would have been a minimum 45 minutes before she was at the hospital, vs. 15 minutes if she went by herself.

I hear ya.

Years ago, I was dinking off with my cousin and fell into the coffee table, hurting my arm really bad. I never told anyone. A couple of years after that, x-rays showed a healed broken bone that was never treated. Oops.

Last spring I cut myself while chopping up veggies. I could tell it was bad but I didn’t want to look at or (or deal with it for that matter) so I wrapped it up and tried to forget about it. A day later I thought that maybe I should have a doc look at it since I could tell it was gapped wide open under the wrap. Five stitches (and a scolding from the doc) later . . . .

Last summer I started experiencing double vision. Maybe it was my Lasix going bad. . . . maybe I was tired. . . . maybe I won’t be seeing double in a week. . . . Months later, it finally got bad enough that I went in for an eye exam. A diagnosis of a brain tumor and two surgeries later. . . .

. . . I still haven’t learned my lesson. :rolleyes:

Glad to hear she’s ok!

Wow, you are hardcore! I thought I was pretty dumb and tough for not going in for a sinus infection!

Hardcore? Nah, more like really wimpy when it comes to going to the doctor.

Doctor’s office? Hospital? Fuck that shit. There’s sick people in them places.

What? Sumbody hadda say it.