I cut the AOL apron strings today

I’ve been moderately computer literate for a while, and have broadband and FireFox - but couldn’t stop myself from also keeping good 'ole AOL as my back up.
But, urged on by the desire to no longer get billed for a service I really didn’t need, I made the call.

The guy was nice enough, although it was apparent that he was going through a script of reasons why I shouldn’t terminate my service while he was “pulling up my information.” What has always worked in situations like that was to refuse to give him any reason that could be argued with. I told him I loved the AOL service, it was just that I was now getting it free through my work. So to all the “what can we do better?” type questions I just responded that they did everything right, I loved the service. I was cancelling anyhow. They gave me a termination number, so they really did turn it off.

How long were you a member?

Good for you!

Now, just help convert three of your friends, and the Web will stop sending you viruses. Seriously. Do it. Make them stop. The Web thanks you in advance.

I do not understand this post.

Are you saying a lot of viruses come through AOHell?

Are you say that the OP should actively campaign against AOHell?

Are you pitting AOHell?

Are those of us that like and use AOHell being subtly called names here?

Or are you making fun of the OP? Did I get it totally backwards?

You were being sarcastic about the person turning into an AOHell basher?

Splain please…


Let me 'splain.

AOL users (or AOHell as you call it) are prone to certain virus/worm attacks that others aren’t simply because of the cloistered nature of it’s users (this would be a huge can of worms if fully discussed).

Should the OP “actively campaign” against AOL, I hope so. Am I going to explain subtle sarcasm as used in humor, no. You’re on your own.

I Pit things in the Pit. That’s the only place to do it properly. I have not as of now, pitted anything remotely associated with this post.

Subtle name calling? Are you reading my post with 5-d glasses or something?

Yes, you got it backwards, I am not making fun of the OP.

What in blue blazes are you talking about? Are you defending the same ISP that you’re mocking with a “clever” nickname?

I thought I was making a very mildly amusing statement about the situation at hand, I guess I failed. Apparently I either scared or offended you. Sorry. Please stop freaking out.

I do hope you’re right about this; however, keep an eye on your credit card statements/checking account for the next few months.

When I quit AOL a few years ago, they kept billing me. When I called to complain, they said I had to terminate on paper, by mail.

When we quit AOL, they wouldn’t stop billing us. Complained for months. No good. I finally just cancelled the credit card. Then they believed me. (This was back in the dark ages before AOL 3.0 days; they’ve had a lot more people cancel by now. I’m sure they’ve mastered the concept.)

Claps It’s for the best. :slight_smile:

Thanks for ‘splainin’, you did have me cornfused.

Not scared or offended or freakin, just wonderin where you were really comin from.

I use AOHell and so I figure I can poke fun at them if I want. :: shrug :::

Used a lot of different stuff and connections and email and stuff and such. IMO, the claim that AOL has a significant ( for any one ISP ) amount directly attributable to them ‘bad stuff’ worthy to make it a major deal seems weird to me but YMMV which is fine. I get less spam, viri, and spyware than anyone I know.

Any credit card company that continues to pay a bill you have told them to stop paying is not too cool and seems a likely candidate to give you mucho $$$ in a law suit…

A lot of folks talk about having to pay for month’s of AOL after canceling and that seems strange that they don’t know how to stop payments or properly notify their CC company’s.

Thanks for the clarification…

My first ISP, way back in the early days of the internet, was AOL. Like others here, I found that AOL continued to bill my CC after I cancelled. Eventually I did go to my credit card company and had the charges denied.

You might be fine with that, but in my book, once I cancel a service I expect billing for that service to stop. I shouldn’t have to tell my credit card company to shut off the tap.

Thanks for the heads up about the credit card. It will be very easy to cancel the card if AOL continues to hit it.

I had been on it for about 5 years - back then there were fewer options, and I could not get broadband or anything else other than dial up due to my location. I’ve since moved closer to civilization.
No offense taken by any of the posters - I got the joke.