I.D. 50's/60's song, I think called "The Thing"?

For some reason (who knows why we suddenly think of this stuff), I recalled vaguely a song from the 50’s (maybe 60’s) about a guy who finds a box on the beach. He opens it up, only to find [music or claps]; the song goes on about the mysterious box, but never says what is IN the box. I’ve done a search and find nothing. Anyone have any ideas who sang it, and where I’d find the lyrics? (When I try to imagine the tune, all I get is “Beep Beep,” by the Playmates.)

I remember this song! In fact, I think my parents owned it on 78, so it’s most likely older than 50’s or 60’s. Wasn’t the catch phrase something like, “How to get rid of this <boom ba boom>” or something along those lines? Sorry, no help on the singer or label.

“The Thing”, sung by Phil Harris.

While I was walkin’ down the beach
One bright and sunny day
I saw a great big wooden box
A-floatin’ in the bay
I pulled it in and opened it up
And much to my surprise
Oh, I discovered a…
Right before my eyes
Oh, I discovered a…
Right before my eyes

I’m an old Dr. Demento fan :smiley:


Thanks. Reading the lyrics, I still get the “beep beep” tune.

We have that song on a “silly songs” cassette. For real fun, try to make up a name for the <whatever> that fits the lyrics (or altered versions thereof).

It was late 1940s. Now, for extra credit, what movie set in the late 40s-early 50s
featured ‘The Thing’ being played during one scene?