I design furniture!

Well, I posted a thread on Cafe Society and a few dopers showed interest in buying my furniture.

I am a product Designer and I love to build stuff. And I really love to transform a pile of wood into something useful… Therefore, I really like to make furniture.

Here are some of the pieces I made: http://imgur.com/a/hGtp9

I live in Brazil, but I can ship to the United States (and other countries as well!). I calculated shipping recently - it is not cheap, but also not out-of-this-world. I take custom requests!

You do such beautiful work! My favorites are the tall shelf and the side table with the yellow shelf. I think working with wood is like meditation in that there seems to be a kind of inner calmness or peace in the steps that turn raw wood into a thing of beauty.

Wish I could buy something from you but the cash flow is too tight. I do wish you lots of success in your venture though.

The chair with the acrylic seat looks super cool. Not sure it’s practical, but a great design visually.

I love the bench. You should get on Etsy. All it takes is one blogger!

Any idea of pricing?

My pricing goes like that: Materials + manufacturing costs + design. Usually the final cost is twice the cost of the materials. Then we have to add shipping, of course…

I like the etsy idea! Will join. :slight_smile:

That’s good furniture. nice
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Nice clean lines…

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Really nice…! seem they are serviceable and look good.