I did not know this person was in THAT...

Andy Kaufman in a small role as an ill-starred cop in Larry Cohen’s excellent b-horror God Told Me To.

In the original Deathwish with Charles Bronson…

One of the rapist\killers is Jeff Goldblum. At the end, there is a young uniformed officer played by Christopher Guest.

An early talkie, actually a very early musical, starring a singing and dancing Buddy Ebsen. And I saw Granny (that is, Irene Ryan) in an old 50’s-60’s pirate movie - Blackbeard? - on TCM not long ago.

Christopher Lloyd (Reverend Jim, Doc Brown) and Danny Devito are in that as well. Both play mental patients.

John Astin was in West Side Story as an idealistic teacher.

Viggo Mortensen in “Witness” (1985 film).

On Babylon 5, one of the supporting characters is the Minbari ambassador’s attache, the very socially awkward and yet badass Lennier, was played by Bill Mumy, famous for spending his childhood being warned of danger by his spastic robot bodyguard.

Of course, B5 also featured Bruce Boxleitner (who played Tron), Walter Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov in Star Trek, and Andreas Katsulas (the one-armed man from The Fugitive, and Commander Tomalak, one of the more interesting recurring villains on Star Trek: TNG).

28 Days Later and Gone In 60 Seconds are both fun movies to watch once you’ve seen some of the new Doctor Who, as Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) plays villains in both.

I distinctly remember watching Catch-22 when I was in high school, just generally taking in the surreal-ness of the whole thing. It was a bit of a shock to me when Lt. Minderbinder, in what I think was the last shot he appears in, turns to deliver a parting line to the main character. When he does, the light hits the youthful actor in just the right way and makes him look older. In fact, it made him look like Jon Voight (who happens to be the actor who played him, of course).

The “Holy crap!” reaction I had at that point was kind of the cap on the whole experience of the film for me, one last mind-torque after a whole film of it.

I’ve read recently that it was precisely because of that appearance that he ended up as Daniel Boone. Disney was screening the film because someone had recommended one of the other actors in it, and thy noticed Parker’s small part.

Walter Brennan in “Bride of Frankenstein”.

Can I throw in a musical one? I was looking up Frank Zappa’s “Montana” in wiki last week and it was omigod, Tina Turner and the Ikettes are in the chorus? Apparently Ike was not impressed with the Zappa humor.

Didn’t realize until recently that Paul Newman’s child-killing son in Road to Perdition was Daniel Craig.

Reni Santoni (Poppi on Seinfeld) as Callahan’s partner in the original Dirty Harry, and as one of the overseers in the 1982 Bad Boys.

[quote0Walter Brennan in “Bride of Frankenstein”.


He’s in Universal’s The Invisible Man, too – he’s the one who gets his bike stolen.

And, before anyone else mentions him, Clint Eastwood as the pilot in Tarantula and an aquarium worker in Revenge of the Creature.

And Leonard Nimoy as an alien in the serial and feature film Zombies of the Stratosphere.

The rumor has persisted that George Reeves had a fairy sizable part in From Here to Eternity as the noncom who tells Burt Lancaster that Deborah Kerr’s character had slept around. Reeves had already appeared in The Adventures of Superman, and supposedly audiences recognized him and his part was edited down to basically just his one crucial line. However, the movie’s director and screenwriter insist that all of Reeve’s scenes in the movie were as written.

Two other bit players you might recognize in the film are Jack Warden and Claude Akins.

Leonard Nimoy also pops up as an Army Sergeant in Them.

I recently saw an early Barbara Stanwyck vehicle, Baby Face, which chronicled the sleeping-to-the-top shenanigans of a young office worker woman. One of her early conquests seemed strangely familiar, but his face was only 1/4 facing the camera and I couldn’t be sure. I almost called my husband in to confirm my tentative ID, but later the actor spoke more and showed his full face: a very young John Wayne. He played a meek “gee whiz, baby” kind of character, with about three lines.

Eve ought to be along with the low-down on this movie pretty soon.

Naturally, there’s a Trope for this (although it’s supposed to be in the Trivia section): “Hey, it’s that guy!”

Jack Webb in Sunset Boulevard.

Wow, I did not know that. Don’t like the movie much. Do you have a clip you can show us? Who is he in it?

To her credit, he was very young and he didn’t play a bad guy. Did she see him in Dune?

Sampiro, Lloyd and DeVito are who I was thinking of. And there was another guy who seems to be in every Milos Forman movie, but always in small parts. He was also in a ST:TNG episode, I think in the 1st season. It’s the one where weapons “learned”, much like the Borg.

He’s the waiter who takes Jake and Elwood’s order when they show up at the fancy restaurant to convince their trumpet player to rejoin the band.

The famous “How much for your women? Sell me your daughters!” scene.

Really? Guest also played a uniformed cop in The Hot Rock. I knew to look for him because I think he got a credit in the main title. Funny, since he had no more than about a second of screen time.