I did Painting with a Twist last night, and...

…it was so much fun!

I have never painted in my life (except in middle school and prior, I guess). I am not an artistic or creative guy when it comes to crafts. So it was very nerve wracking at first.

But you get to drink wine as you paint, and the whole experience was just so much fun! They walk you through how to do an example painting, and the lady was so nice and encouraging.

It makes me kind of want to do more painting! I certainly didn’t produce a masterpiece, but considering how this is definitely not my forte, I was quite pleased with how it came out.

No, I don’t have a picture of my painting. I doubt you all want to see it anyway!

Anyone else ever do this? It’s supposedly a national chain.

Aww, I want to see it!

I’m a crappy artist too but I keep trying. There are loads of papers around my house covered in doodles and sketches. I even bought Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain but I’m not very good at teaching myself things out of books.

Drinking wine and painting you say? Perhaps I am too tense when I attempt crafts.

I have done this at several locations. Love it. So much fun, and easier than people think.

What did you paint?

It was a sunset over a lake, with the moon and clouds in the sky, and in the foreground, a sillhouette of the grassy shore and a heron.

It was easier than I thought, but the instructor was very helpful and encouraging. Without explicit instructions on brushtrokes, blending, mixing colors, there’s no way I could have just painted the example on my own.

The wine, I think, made it even easier :smiley:

Adult Continuing Education classes are a blast, the local Community College has them ranging from how to do your own taxes, to first aid to art to ceramics painting [mrAru and i took one of those about 15 years ago, we each painted a little Peter Rabbit pre fired molded statues [think the equivalent of Garden Gnomes] in acrylic paint. There was also a variant of the class for people who wanted to actually use glazes and were working with greenware.

Dang, now I want to move the washer dryer out tot he barn so i can have the kiln in the utility roon so I can do ceramics in the house this winter. I have a great set of molds for the cutest little fake japanese lawn lantern =)

I do my best writing after a single stiff drink, I find. It’s just enough to help me resist endlessly tweaking things. If I drink much more than that, I tend to get distracted more easily, and end up with pages of unrelated stuff.

No amount of alcohol will improve my “art”, however, unless perhaps one were to use it as an accelerant.

I do about one of these a month and love it! I don’t go to a chain, the owner of the one I go to only has one store. I’ve even done portraits of my dogs. Here’s the link to my Facebook album with my paintings, roughly in order of when they were done. I did the dock last week.

I can see the improvement, hockey monkey! The dock is definitely my favorite. I have been doing classes like this for about two years now, and do some on my own, too. It has been such a good creative outlet for me.