I didn't click there...

Whatever you do… do not click here!

Ok, so would somebody who didn’t heed the warning tell me what’s there? Secret cookies that wipe your harddrive?

It’s the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yummy apples.

Mr. K’s Link of the Month:

Punch Bill Gates

Oh holy christ. It’s the most evil, vile thing that coulds ever happen.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

AAARGH! One lousy case-sensitive letter!

You really wanna know Lumpy??? I am the master and creator of said site… I have already been through your hard drive!!! It happened the second you logged into this site! Bwwaahhh hahahahahaha!!! evil laugh

Come Lumpy… click… I know you want to… dont you want to find out what your missing? evil grin …come to the dark side… I need more souls…

:::looks around the room:::

Oh no…they got to you, too…I have feared this day for 3000 years…NOOOOOO!!!

:::runs away, flailing his arms:::