I didn't get a turkey for Christmas

Instead I got to chow down on curried vegetables, beef curry, and curry vindaloo. And stuffing, and acorn squash, and cranberries. And ooly poli, and apple fritters and other deep-fried goodies.

But I didn’t get any crackers. Nor any turkey.

This is what happens when you celebrate Christmas far from your parents’ home with a Dutch woman and an Aussie.

But at least I got food-- lots of people in my area had no power for most of Christmas day-- and had to abandon turkeys in the oven.

So-- what was strange about your christmas?

I got a fully functioning traffic light from my Aunt Madeline. It was the strangest of gifts, it was the best of gifts.

I had lasagne for Christmas Eve dinner.

We had chicken, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, and meat loaf. If that’s not a bizarre combination, I dont know what is…