Rilchiam's Thanksgiving Extravaganza

Last Thanksgiving and Christmas, quite frankly, blew, foodwise. Not otherwise, but…Thanksgiving was spent with my parents, sister, BIL and cousins (and Mr. Rilch, of course). My mom refused (strongly, in my sister’s case) any offers of help, or of hosting the event elsewhere, and after all that, served the bare bones of a meal. Christmas, at MIL’s house, was much the same: MIL wouldn’t let Mr. Rilch or I assist, other than monetarily, and it was another case of slim pickin’s.

Now, I’m not saying that either holiday was ruined, so please don’t Pit me. But we determined then to make these holidays extra-special. Mr. Rilch got November’s copy of Bon Appetit, and together, we worked out a menu. (We’ve got guests, so we’re not going to balloon up on this all by ourselves!)

Italian sausage stuffing (BA recipe)
Scalloped potatoes (standard)
Mashed potatoes (standard)
Candied yams (Straight Dope recipe; thanks, whoever you were!)
Green bean casserole (standard)
Green beans, by themselves (standard)
Crescent rolls (standard)
Gravy (duh)
Cranberry-pineapple salsa (BA recipe)
Pumpkin cheesecake (BA recipe, already attempted, superb. Should go over better than pie, for which people are always too full)
After Eight mints (standard)

Now, the ingredients. I’ve left out stuff I already have, like brown sugar and vanilla:

Potatoes (10 lbs.)
Green onion(s)
Onions, enough for 3 c. chopped
Green beans
Fresh lime juice

Unsalted butter (2 sticks)
3 pkgs. cream cheese
5 eggs
Romano cheese
Cream (1 pint reg., ½ pint heavy)
1 pint milk
Sharp cheddar cheese

1 lb. Italian sweet sausage
8 oz. chicken livers

Mushroom soup
French fried onions
8 oz. crushed pineapple
Pickled jalapeno chiles

2 loaves crustless white bread
Crescent rolls
After Eight mints
Sparkling grape juice

Hm. This is gonna cost us…

This is making me hungry. I better go to sleep! :o <<<<<<------ Yawn

Shouldn’t an extravaganza involve a dancing bear, some plate spining and girl singer?

You think your last turkey dinner was bad- Ha.

My M-I-L made some Stouffers lasagna with a side of bagged salad.

I had made two bouche de noel cakes (chocolate mousse and almond mousse complete with meringe mushrooms and squirrels).

Some of us have ganged up to relieve M-I-L of cooking this year.

A button came flying off my shirt just reading that list. Yum!

Zebra: It should also be hosted by Actor Troy McClure, but whaddya gonna do.

Ca3799: Lasagna and bagged salad?! Yikes!