12:00 – Do stovetop prep for stuffing at BIL’s apt.
— Have Mr. Rilch peel yams and maybe two more potatoes
1:40 — Start baking stuffing at BIL’s
1:45 — Start boiling potatoes for mashing
— Assemble green bean casserole
2:05 — Start baking green bean casserole
2:15 — Start boiling yams
2:20 — Reheat scalloped potatoes at BIL’s
2:30 — Start boiling green beans
— Mash potatoes
— Mix gravy
— Sauce for yams
— Add onions to casserole, bake 5 minutes more
Have BIL take out stuffing and potatoes, bring back
ETA for turkey: 2:45
Put in crescent rolls as soon as turkey comes out

BIL lives two doors down, just so you know.

It won’t be easy; nothing ever is, but at least I shouldn’t be a headless chicken. Oh, and I forgot to take out my Thanksgiving dress to get it unwrinkled. Well, who’ll notice? And, as noted, the cranberry salsa and pumpkin cheesecake are already made. Mr. Rilch will bake the scalloped potatoes this morning, and I just have to reheat.

Yum! What time should we all come over? :wink:

(Please- I’d love to have some real Thanksgiving food. The MIL, Og love her, is a rotten cook. I’m bringing the pie and the green bean casserole, but…)

Crazy, isn’t it? I came to the realization last night that EVERY SINGLE DISH I’m making has to be cooked in the oven…

Potatoes Au Gratin
Acorn Squash
Green Bean Casserole
Peach/Raspberry Cobbler
Pumpkin Pie Delight

So my plan is:

10-12 - Ham

12-1 - Potatoes Au Gratin, Acorn Squash

1-1:30 Green Bean Casserole, rolls

1:30-2:30 Cobbler, Pumpkin Pie delight

We’re gonna eat at 2, I guess
Geez, this has got to be the most MPSIMS thing I’ve ever posted…:o.

But it helps just to type this for some reason…

Come as early as you like! And bring heavy paper napkins, if you can; I couldn’t find any that I could afford.

Oops, didn’t see An Arky sneaking in there. Yes, you should always type or write these things out. Helps you remember.

I really wish I could take you up on that, Rilchiam. I’d bring you a truckload of heavy, paper napkins if it meant I could eat some moist turkey with the skin left on. (Why does she take the skin off before she puts it in the oven?! It comes out as dry as the wishbone.)

My SIL just called, they’re on the way…an hour early!

[cue Psycho shower scene music]

I’ll have to rewrite that list now!

I’m just kidding…though I’m moving everything up an hour, it’s still under control…
heheheh…no problem…heheheh

Just so you know how it went. Overall:

Turkey: Fantastic, though that was Mr. Rilch, not me.

Stuffing: Gorgeous! But next time, I’ll make half the recipe; I had to divide it between two pans. I had thought noon perhaps too early to start prepping. Ha. Ended up ovening it at 2:05, but that was okay, because I’d also forgotten that it was going to take time for Mr. Rilch to carve the turkey.

Scalloped potatoes: Excellent. But when aren’t they? :wink:

Yams: Bought four, could only fit two in the pot, sauce not as thick as I’d have liked, but still tasty. And since the only people who particularly like them are myself and Friend Down South, and he backed out at the last minute :wally, didn’t matter anyway.

Cranberry salsa: Didn’t have any myself, but was urged to make it the standard cranberry recipe from now on. But then, they said that about the previous recipe, and the one before that…

Green bean casserole: Huge hit!

Green beans by themselves: Well, what could go wrong? Crescent rolls: Ditto.

Gravy: The problem with the way Mr. Rilch was doing the turkey was that there was no runoff from which to create gravy. Knew this going in, so bought gravy, but should have gotten Pepperidge Farm from a jar instead of that powdered crap. Oh well.

Mashed potatoes: Eh. Didn’t have time to boil them long enough, because I, and the pot I boiled them in, were all tied up at BIL’s. (Stuffing was of such volume that I had to mix half in a bowl and half in this pot. BIL is typical bachelor and doesn’t have mixing bowls.) Also suffered from lack of cream. Still decent though; at least no lumps.

Pumpkin cheesecake: Two thumbs up!

An Arky,
What do you do with the Acorn Squash? I like them, but nobody else in the family does, and I’d like to try to change that. Good ideas are always welcome.

I just cook it, scoop it out add a lot of butter and salt and pepper and mash it up…

geez, that was clear as mud, huh?

I bake it halfed cut side down in a baking dish with a lii=ttle water in it covered in foil and baked for an hour.

I think it has a wonderful flavor of its own and butter, salt and pepper are all it needs. Some folks like to add cinnamon, ntmeg, allspice, etc…

You can also look for a recipe online somewhere, I seem to remember a recipe where you bake halves stuffed with cheese onions and breadcrumbs or something…

Thank you. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Baking it that way is how I’ve done it before. I like it that way, but I’m the only one. Maybe I’ll look for something more exotic.