I didn't realize that it was considered okay to accuse posters of being drunk

Unsurprisingly several arguments took place in this thread regarding whether or not there should have been a moment of silence at the opening Olympic ceremony at the 2012 Olympics.


During the argument, Really Not All That Bright rather unwisely declared in post 77 “It’s not an Israeli/Palestinian thing” which was obviously silly since as everyone admits had the murdered athletes been anything but Israelis and the killers been anything but Palestinians we wouldn’t be having such a discussion.

I pointed to a comment by Jibril Rajoub, the head of the Palestinian Olympic Committee and then RNATB rather noxiously said.

I know that quite a few people have accused me of being an apologist for the Israelis but I most certainly am not and I called RNATB’s comment what it was, “racist”.

I don’t see how the comment about Mr. Rajoub, “A Palestinian says it’s an Israeli/Palestinian thing. No shit. Mr. Rajoub probably thinks the sun rises in the east to make a political statement about Palestine” would be fundamentally any different than someone referring to Henry Louis Gates with the comment “A** black man** thinks it’s a race issue. Mr. Gates probably thinks the sun rises in the east because the sun is racist” or if someone making a comment about a Jewish poster said, “Of course you believe that was anti-Semitic. You’re Jewish. You probably think the sun rises in the East is proof of anti-Semitism.”

It’s worth noting that I was hardly alone in viewing RNATB’s comments as racist.

I mean no insult to him, but no one would ever classify FinnAgain as an apologist for the Palestinians or a fan of Palestinian nationalists but in post #108 he made it clear that he saw claiming that someone was unable to “perceive events properly simply because he’s Palestinian”(which is what RNATB did) was racist.

Anyway, in response to my post #88 in which I said “Please don’t make racist assertions” RNATB decided to respond rather insultingly with this comment in post 106.

I understandably found that comment rather insulting and decided to report it.

Marley23 decided that what RNATB did was only “somewhat inappropriate” and did not feel the need to chastise him but to chastise me moderating my post(#111) but not RNATB’s. declaring:

Now, for starters, his claim that my accusation of RNATB’s post being “racist” was “inappropriate and seemingly groundless” is utterly silly particularly when Marley says “It was an allegation of bias, but not racial”.

Well, yes, it was an allegation of bias but the allegation was rather explicitly racially based(or for those who prefer ethnically based). RNATB said that Jibril Rajoub’s judgement couldn’t be trusted simply because he was “a Palestinian”.

Saying someone’s judgement or perception of events can’t be trusted due to their race/nationality/ethnicity is by definition racist.

Now, perhaps had RNATB said something different like, “It’s the job of the head of the Palestinian Olympic committee to say something like that” things would be different, but that’s not what he said.

What RNATB said was no different then proclaiming that one couldn’t trust FinnAgain’s perception of events because he’s Jewish, MrDibble’s because he’s black, or mine because I’m Iranian.

However, Marley felt the need to moderate my post calling his assertion racist but not RNATB’s accusing me of posting while drunk.

Marley may have a difficult time believing this, but I actually like him(at least as much as it’s possible to like someone on the internet you’ve never met and who’s name you don’t even know) and respect him, but that was a really awful moderator decision, particularly since he and the other mods have made it clear it’s perfectly permissible in GD to call other posters argument “racist” or “sexist” and even, on rare occasions when doing so can be seen as something other than insulting, call another poster “racist” or “sexist” in GD.

Beyond that, if Marley and the other mods are going to decide not to moderate posts such as:

then what else is not going to be moderated,

Or other questions when they are phrased in a way that is meant to be insulting as RNATB’s question was clearly designed to be.

Furthermore, mods have previously declared that it’s okay to accuse posts or arguments of being “racist” but Marley seems now to be saying that we can’t call other posters arguments “racist” even when such arguments are rather obviously “racist”.

Now, I’ll end this by saying that yes, obviously many are going to argue that RNATB’s claim that Jibral Rajoub’s perception of events can’t be trusted because Jibril is Palestinian just as many argue that the arguments put forward by the “race realists” that “blacks” are less intelligent than “whites” aren’t racist and that RNATB’s claim that “Jews control US foreign policy” isn’t anti-Semitic but to suggest that claiming his assertions are “baseless” is demonstrably false.

I’d also ask that someone moderate RNATB’s post accusing me of posting while drunk, which was a direct personal insult and to rescind the moderation of my post calling his racist assertion a “racist assertion”.

Title: I didn’t realize that it was considered okay to accuse posters of being drunk

Content: Blah blah blah. Some shit about Israel, Palestine and how fat yo momma be.

Conclusion:I’d also ask that someone moderate RNATB’s post accusing me of posting while drunk
Just stop it, okay?

Who is this directed at and what does “it” refer to?

You. Also: “Them” and “They”

“it” would your personal war. Don’t diminish something so important by screwing around online.

Get killed, already.

I’m sorry, but this comment is somewhat incoherent.

Would you mind explaining it better.

Huh? Again, this is a bit incomprehensible. Would you mind clarifying.

I’m not in a “war” with anyone. I think Marley made a horrible decision and I’d like an explanation as to why accusing someone of posting while drunk is not considered an insult that deserves being moderated but is merely “somewhat inappropriate” while calling a racist assertion a “racist assertion” is considered a violation of board rules.

With all do respect, such insults reflect far more on you than me.

Okay. “Horrible” is an orphaned child being carved up by zombie gourmands, right?

I’m just saying accused intoxication is not that big of a thing in your world of pain.

What does this mean?

I honestly don’t understand what you’re trying to communicate?

Really, you don’t think asking a poster “are you drunk” is an insult?

Ok, I’ll take you at your word.

How about asking,

“Are you sexually repressed”?

“Do you have tough time picking up women/men”?

“Do you have a small penis”?

“Are you mentally retarded”?

“Do most people consider you stupid”?

You don’t think that any of those are insults?

If not and you think that such arguments are insults, please explain.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t ATMB anymore.

I really don’t think think asking a poster “are you drunk?” is an insult. People get drunk sometimes. “Are you a pedophile?” is an insult.

Here we go with the list:
In some ways.
Yes, of course.
Smaller than yours, I’m sure.
No. If I am, I’m not aware of it.
And no.

An insult is: You smell bad. It’s your unwashed feet And your momma does do the footjob thing. Perv.

What is this comment supposed to mean?

Really, then is “are you retarded” an insult?

If not, why not.

If it is, then why is it an insult whereas “are you drunk” isn’t?

ATMB means About This Message Board. I think we’ve gone beyond that.

Because being drunk is a choice for me, as being retarded is not one for you.

Palestinian is a national identity, not a racial or ethnic one.

Wishing death on other posters is not just personal insult, but a direct violation of the rules. Do not do this again. I’m not issuing an Official Warning, on the off-chance that this is some sort of quote or reference with which I am unfamiliar.

Link to Registration Agreement: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=650726

On the issue raised by Ibn Warraq, I’ll let Marley comment since he was the moderator involved. Generally speaking, saying that the opinion expressed in a post is racist is different from saying that a person is racist. (A non-racist person can inadvertently make racist remarks.) However, context is everything.

My personal view is that the question “Are you drunk?” can be an insult, but can also be a straight question, and can also be a joke. Depends on context.

Sometimes a bad postulate will stop me near the beginning of an essay/argument and take away my motivation to follow the remainder.

I’m part of the set of “everyone” and I don’t admit what you say everyone admits.

A similar situation could have arisen involving many different conflicting populations and, if the issues were still polarizing, the Olympic Committee could be hesitant to bring renewed attention to the tragedy.

So, no, this issue is not dependent on the parties being Israelis and Palestinians. That’s where my eyes glazed over, and I apologize if I missed anything important.

Is it ok to ask if posters are posting while stupid? I’d like to know before I ask, erm, anyone, that question.

Well for starters “race” is a myth. Second, “Palestinian” most certainly is an ethnic identity.

By the standards you’re setting then it’s not “racist” to say “fuck the Japs”, “I hate Puerto Ricans” or “Mexicans like to steal” since none of those groups are “races”.
Now, RNATB after I referred to a statement by Jibril Rajoub declared:

That is not fundamentally different from if after Finn quoted a Jewish historian(let’s say Bernard Lewis) someone declared.

Would anyone think it “baseless” to call such a statement “anti-Semitic”?

Asking if you were drunk was the kindest interpretation of your posting behavior.

That is a very clear and concise summation. Thanks my eyes glazed over. See also: tldr.

As Marley pointed out, it wasn’t really a question, but more of an “allegation”(Marley’s word not mine).

Anyway, here is where RNATB made his statement.


I don’t see how a reasonable person could interpret it, particularly when taken in context with the conversation as anything but an insult.

Similarly, I’m sure you would see someone asking a poster “Are you retarded” as an insult unless it was clearly intended as a joke.

So…were you drunk? Let’s clear that up first.

As Marley pointed out it wasn’t a question but more of an allegation.

Moreover, how is calling a racist assertion a “racist assertion” a sign of being drunk?