I didn't used to care that I work with slobs, but now they've gone too far!

At our employee meeting Friday, the boss man informed us that he was sick of seeing dirty dishes lying in the kitchen sink, and if they weren’t washed they would be pitched. I didn’t pay too much attention, because I don’t LEAVE my dishes in the sink. I wash them and put them away.

Let my divert to the subject of my bunny mug for just a moment.

My bunny mug is the most wonderful mug ever. It’s white, sponge-painted blue, with a sponged on blue rabbit. Its glorious muggy weight and generous herbal tea capacity have seen me through many long nights of scratchy throats and nasal congestion. I’ve been neglecting my bunny mug this summer, guzzling cold sugary fizzy kinds of drinks instead, but it gave me a warm, contented feeling to know my bunny mug was in the kitchen, patiently awaiting the return of crappy weather and head colds.

Some goat felching troglodyte with the manners and consideration of a hyperactive baboon has been using my bunny mug. And they neglected to wash it. And boss man threw it away.

Thank God for the co-worker who happened to mention seeing the pretty blue and white mug in the trash can. I was just in time to save it from the Evil Compactor of Death. Bunny mug will now reside permanently in my locker, alone in the dark with Soup Spoon and Small Square Bowl. I can breathe a heavy sigh of relief, knowing it’s safe. And I hope that boss man threw away a valued piece of crockery belonging to the offending person, and I hope the loss of it haunts whoever it was to her grave, cursing her with sleepless nights and a dyspeptic stomach.

Mess with my bunny mug… (grumble)

Print this out and stick it on the cup cupboard at your work :smiley:

And may the Eeeevil bunny-mug-abuser writhe in shame for all eternity.

Yeah, or just tell your boss so he knows why this policy is unfair. I know some work policies might seem unfair, but to you and your bunny mug and anyone else whose dishes are borrowed by thoughtless co-workers, this is policy is UNFAIR.

Suggest he put up sarcastic signs like “Surprise everyone–wash your own dishes!” instead. It worked in our office, at least for a little while.

Oh, no no NO. No one must mess with the Chosen Mug.

I understand completely. Mine is clear with “coffee” written all over it. NO ONE must touch Momma’s mug. Luckily (sigh) I’m the only one who washes dishes here…

I’m glad you saved it! Imagine the trauma!


Our company cleaning people do the dishes. I’m surprised that doesn’t occur everywhere.

People at my work do their own dishes. They start by rinsing them in the bathroom sinks. They seem incapable of scraping the solid matter into the trash before taking the dishes to the sink. I’ve turned on the tap to wash my hands, only to have Cheerios float up out of the clogged drain!!! I’ve heard similar tales about the men’s room.

Idiots! How can educated adults be so stupid?? I spend my day surrounded by idiots…

My husband has cow-orkers like these. What really pisses me off, is when I send something to work for him and the guys and there is extra left so he will leave it for the next shift. This I don’t mind. What I do mind is the one incrediblely lazy SOB who decides it’s easier to trash my dishes, pyrex, etc. Then wash the stuff. Luckily everyone knows this guy is a lazy jerk when it comes to dishes and most of the stuff has been saved.He is the asshole that threw away most of the dishes, knives and cookware that my husband and I donated when I recieved new kitchenware. No one could figure out where the stuff was going until lazy SOB was caught in the act. You would think this would have shamed him into doing dishes…but no. Now he just makes sure no one is around when he ditches the dishes.
What’s really strange is that other than this incredibly self-centered action he’s a decent guy. Go figure.

Marlitharn, I’m so glad you saved the bunny mug! Don’t let it out of your sight from now on!

Lola, doesn’t that result in dirty dishes sitting in the sink until the cleaning crew comes by? While that’s acceptable in a private residence, it sounds terribly unprofessional.

Qwisp, ugh, that’s awful! If I was your husband’s boss I would so can that guy. How can someone with such intentional disrespect for his co-workers be a team player? And how could anyone stand to work with someone who they knew didn’t care enough about his co-workers to wash a dish instead of trashing it?

See, I knew you people would understand.

People around here have several excuses for not doing their dishes. “Well, we were just so busy!” Fine. You were busy. Take 5 minutes at the end of your shift and do them then. “But there’s no hot water in the kitchen!” (This is true. We do have hot water in the toilets, but that’s another story.) Still, if the dishes don’t have dried on crud all over them, cold water, soap, and a scrubby pad should be sufficient. “I was in such a hurry to get out of here that I forgot all about them!” While I understand the urge to flee this place screaming after 8 hours, that’s still no excuse for leaving your grimy plates in the sink. And that’s what gets me. They can walk to the sink to drop them in, but they can’t take an extra 30 seconds to wash them off? Are they expecting the Palmolive Fairy to show up?

I was perfectly willing to share my bunny mug before I found it forsaken in the trash can, but now that they have shown such disrespect for the mug, no one but me shall ever again know the pleasure of sipping warm tea or instant cappucino from its pristine depths.

I will hoard my bunny mug now and forevermore.

My favourite mug sigh given to me by the coworker I had the secret crush on [a Larson-ish cow standing on its hind legs, with the caption “To someone who is out standing in the field”], which went with me from company to company, until someone nicked it…felcher!

We have an ice-making machine in the small auditorium just down the hall from my office.
Oh, the wonders of the ice-making machine. Invisibly and quietly making ice. All we have to do is open the door and scoop cold cold ice from it’s depths to chill our drinks

Yes, I KNOW that we don’t have a scoop that’s supposed to fit nicely in the little holder inside the door. Someone’s swiped it. But leaving behind the plastic cup (or God forbid, STYROFOAM!) cup for the next joe to scoop HIS ice is not smart. Let me 'splain dear fellow company associate…
Ice is made in the TOP of the machine, it falls DOWN from that height into a holding bin. Sooner or later the cup WILL become buried and clog the drain. THAT is why I slipped walking in here this morning, because the drain was clogged and the melting ice was covering the floor with a nice layer of water!
ALSO, our precious ice machine is not a refridgerator! I know you’re stuck in the auditorium for an ALL-DAY(heavy sigh) meeting and you’d like some nice ice-cold water to soothe your parched throat. But puh-lease, don’t cram your water-bottle down into the ice machine. The aforementioned reasons aside, I don’t want the ice bobbing in my soda to be the same ice that was hugging your God-knows-where-it’s-been water bottle!


Ohhhhh, I feel your pain, Marlitharn

That’s why my Official Elvis Presley Enterprises Graceland Pink Cadillac coffee mug is either on my desk or in my hand when it’s not being filled with coffee.

Everyone I work with has been informed that messing with my OEPEGPC coffee mug will result in summary execution.

I wish you strength in dealing with the folks at your place of employment.


Who washes his own damn dishes-his mother doesn’t work there.

Hey, it could be worse.

I work at a freight company. Our 13 local drivers and 2 managers have 5 cheap coffee cups between them. They never get washed. Ever. Every day for years, they’ve just been dumped out, possibly rinsed with the slow trickle of cool, limey water the bathroom faucet provides, and filled again. Every cup is brown as dirt.

The only soap in the entire building is that industrial-strength stuff with the hard particles in it for scrubbing stubborn, manly things like grease and oil off. It leaves a strange (not particularly pleasant) smell on your hands for several hours after using it. I know nobody is using that stuff to wash the cups.

It’s the same deal with the coffee pot, except that after a while it gets so bad that somebody (usually an irate driver) ends up buying a new one.

Cleaning ladies come to mop the floors, but they don’t go near the disgusting coffee paraphernalia, except to occaisionally wipe out a stray cup left laying on a table with the same dirty cloth they had just used to clean said table and every other surface in the breakroom.

I’m just glad I hate coffee.

I, too, have a Wonderful Coffee Mug—It has a cityscape on it, and is emblazoned with the motto, “Secaucus—My Kind of Town.” I, of course, find this hilarious. And it’s a two-cup capacity mug, too. So whenever I am finished drinking, I take it to the office sink, rinse it out, dry it, and bring it back to my desk. Because I know damn well it would otherwise meet the fate of your Bunny Mug.

I am sooooooo going back to Graceland just to get one of those mugs!

Nobody, but NOBODY at work will ever touch my “lefty” mug. It happened once. The person who did it left town shortly thereafter and has not been heard from since.

Marlitharn I’m so glad bunny mug is safe.

My sixth-grade teacher had a sign in the classroom that said, “Your mother doesn’t work here – clean up after yourself!” It really pissed my feminist, forward-thinking mom off. “What am I?” she asked. “Some kind of maid?”

So I’ve always wanted to make a different sign for my office.

“Your mother doesn’t work here,” it’d say. “You don’t have to clean up after yourself.”

'Course, everyone n my office seems to realize that already.


God help anyone who messes with my beloved old Army mug. It’s a good sized mug with the logos of my old Army unit and the Intelligence branch, with my name jauntily emblazoned under the Int logo. It’s thick and keeps coffee warm and tasty, and it’s colorful and looks good. Should anyone attempt to throw out my Army mug, they would have to be killed.

Since I don’t want to have to kill anyone, I keep it in my desk.

You should put up a sign explaining that. It never would have occurred to me. i’d probably think I was doing everyone a favor by leaving a cup behind.

Eve, I want your mug. Badly. Almost enough to go to Secaucus and get one.