I do not remember the last 60 or so minutes before closing time last night.

I woke up with my clothes on, and when I removed them, a dollar bill fell out of my shirt. Also, there were single dollar bills scattered around in my purse. I think I killed a stripper.

Or you became one.

This should have been in MPSIMS, as it is the ultimate in mundane and pointless.

And no, I don’t do that. I don’t even like when people stare at me on the train. I don’t ebven like to get naked in front of the doctor. “Hey, um, can we do this with my clothes on?”

Maybe you played craps. When my ex played craps, he always came home with dozens of one-dollar bills rolled up in little wads.

And a handful of cigarette lighters. And a couple of cubes of pool stick chalk.

So moved.

I woke up and went for some hair of the dog. All it did was make me feel worse, and left dog fur in my mouth. Not good. I’m taking a nap.

Thanks, Ellen.

Were you anywhere near a kissing booth?

Or she ate one. That would explain the lack of a body. Better check the fridge, just in case.

Probably why you’ve blocked it from your memory.

Dammit, that was my answer.

Ah yes- a blackout, found money… Add a loss or gain of a clothing item, a couple of bruises and a set of car keys that aren’t mine, and it would be… Wednesday morning.


Nah, you just mugged her! :smiley:

Could you, uh, have gotten prettier right around closing time? :wink:


I have never,* ever* returned from a blackout with more money than I thought I had. Always the other way around. MeanOldLady, even if you done wrong, ya must be livin’ right!

You found money? You must be really hawt!!!

I’ve never forgotten what happened while drunk. I’ve sometimes wished that I would:smack:

You found dollar bills in your clothes? Go get your purse and make sure there isn’t a wedding license or ring in it. Just in case you did a different sort of dance for money than other posters suggested.

Am I the only person thinking spiked drink?

If you woke up in your bed, or somewhere reasonably identifiable, with your clothes on, with your keys in one pocket and your wallet in the other, then things obviously couldn’t have gone too badly.

Were you by chance wearing a bellhop’s cap? You might have been tipped for carrying bags.

Do you know what drug is the most commonly used to spike drinks, causing short-term memory loss and out-of-character behavior?